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I have getter all the Questions from the comments, and put them here at the FAQ page for you to review the question and answers that you might be interested to know…About…Most of the question is about Blogging.

If You Have any Question, Feel free to post them on the bottom of any post page at the comment area.

Hope the following Answer will help you out.

General Questions

How to Read the ebook on your blog without any ads?

Just Click on Full-Screen Icon at the Bottom of the eBook page And all ads will be Hidden

How do I go back to the page that I have read part of it?

Just enter the page number that you have left at the number of page section at the bottom of the eBook.

Questions About Blogging

What Hosting Service is x10tv.com using?

x10tv is hosted by Namecheap.com hosting service…Read Review on “Why One NameCheap Hosting Review is Better than top 10 hosting Reviews?

What platform and theme you are using for your blog ?

x10tv used wordpress, for theme, any free wordpress theme will work, I recommend to use the theme that you can go with the free plugin that you needed for your blog. (The basic theme will be better for beginner and you can use most of the free plugin to design your blog or website.)

Does running a blog like x10tv.com require a great deal of work?

Yes, you need to do lots of Research, Marketing and Writing post to keep your blog up to date.

Do you know if they make any plugins to help with SEO?

I have tried a few free SEO plugin, that does not ready help much, but the pay vision will do the job it all depend what niche is your blog or website…Read SEO Pressor WordPress Plugin Review

Do you know any techniques to help prevent content from being ripped off?

You can try a Free plugin call “No Right Click” copy contents protection.

Do you require any html coding knowledge to make your own blog?

No, with the help of WordPress plugin, you can create your blog or website without the knowledge of HTML…If You Need One you can use the “free online html editor

How frequently you update your web site?

Almost everyday, I tried to update as much as possible.

Did you make this website yourself?

Yes, I build this website with all the Free plugin offer for wordpress.

Do you have email subscription?

I don’t use email subscription, because me, myself don’t like receiving email everyday with hundreds of promotion, so I decided not to have one and I don’t like to bug people. Anyway I update all x10tv.com channels almost everyday. Which you can come and check out the information anytime when you are free…

Could you tell me which style are you using? Or was it custom made?

It a WordPress Camblum Theme and difference plugins, the information is at the bottom of the page.
For setting up WordPress check out is post click here.

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