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Dream BIG…Return BIG…or…


At least YOU TRIED… 🙂

But…I need Your Help as my Joint Venture Partner Before I can release WP.x10tv.com World Presentation Business Blog Offers Ads Package

We Do Have a Plan Here…I want Your Patience and Persistent…to Complete Building OUR 3 PPP Team Members Goals Getter…

Joint Ventures Investor Reseller Ads Package with your own Script are Almost Ready and Pay Plan Too…More Update…on 1/25/2024…Click Here to Read How It Work

It Time to Start building your Free Local Business Directory for your Local Businesses that You are going to sponsor them…ExampleThis is all YOUR FUTURE CONNECTION

It Time to Re-invest in YOURSELF…And…YOUR TEAM MEMBER…

REMEMBER IT ALL FREE…To Start With X10Tv.com Joint Venture Projects

Here is How you going build Your Free Local Business Directory

Then Click on WordPress Management and Click install…Follow the information that WP provide

Choose Template form PopularFX Theme…Use the FREE Template…

Remember to apply Your Google SLL Certificate “HTTPS for your Free subdomain”…it may take couple hour to get approve…

Update…1/11/2024 for what WP plugin to insert

Plugin 1: Classified Listing – Classified ads & Business 

Classified Listing is among the best classified ads WordPress plugins available. It comes with all the features necessary for building a classified listing website. This classified ads WordPress plugin boasts a plethora of backend admin settings and an excellent frontend posting management system. It lets you create as many ad listing categories as you want so that each ad listing page will be as clean as possible.

  • Login to Your WordPress Account
  • Go to Dashboard and Point your mouse at “My Sites” than point at “Network Admin” Click on Plugins
  • Click on “Add New Plugin”
  • Under “Search Plugin” and Paste Classified Listing – Classified ads & Business 
  • Look for Classified Listing – Classified ads & Business and Click “Install Now” than “Activate”
  • Than Go Back to “My Sites” than Click on “Classified Listings”
  • Play around with it and tests every page links, also the form in your WordPress blog to make sure every things is working with NO PROBLEMS…”Error”
  • Have FUN with it I talk to You at JV.x10tv.com for the Next Plugin and more Update…on the Joint Venture Members Class

Following is What You be learning at JV.x10tv.com on the Joint Venture Members Class on 1/25/2024

  • How to approach your local city businesses with YOUR NICHES
  • What package to offers for your sponsors
  • How to posts sponsors FEED and Sliders which will be release on 1/25/2024 First Ads package…Example English Blogging Category
  • Preparing your City blogs and your future business presentation
  • more update coming…it all depend how many JV Bloggers have join me…

While You Waiting for Joint Venture Members Class Please Read this Few Collection

That it…I hope YOU Enjoy all My Classes…

Thank You for Attending,

Keng Ten Admin

Are You Worry About Writing Presentation About Your Blog / 1/25/2024

Please Spread the love to Share x10 TV and X10.website with Others
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