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Welcome Back for our JV Blogger Update class, I hope you got your Local classifiers Ads blog build…Example

If You Want you can use your Free Local classifiers Ads blog for A-A-ads to earn Bitcoin the easy way…

Next is to get your JV Blogger landing page ready to post at our JV Blogger search page…Landing page example

Next Build your Related Niche YouTube video’s with content on your Blogger Blog…Example

Next Build Your Google Slider by Adding All Your Related Niche YouTube video’s in it…Like the following Example…To Be ready to post at

YouTube Transcript Generator

Generate YouTube transcripts for free with Kome. Get the full text of any YouTube video in seconds.

Your Google Blogger blog will be use for your sponsor Static landing redirect page and also redirect to your local classifiers Ads WP blog…example

If you need a HTML Editor for your Google Blogger Blog Post…Try this Free Online HTML Editor

That’s It for Today Home work…Hope you get them ready for the next Class Home work on the 31 March 2024 JV Blogger Members site are Temporary Down for Maintaining Update till 31 March 2024

The following are just a Draft to be update for our JV Blogger sponsor ads package

Professional Plan Sponsor

Sponsor Targeted Slider ads with Text ads redirect to Sponsor category List page landing page at JV Blogger Local Classifier ads…JV Do the post…

Ad Link
Landing Page
Example: Redirect to List landing page…Add Slider / YouTube Videos / Images / Translatable Contents and More / Iframe with JV Blogger BlogSpot List page
Ad Heading
Example: PDF Slider Page / with PDF Slider Translatable Contents / Visitors can Download your Offers in PDF File / Build it with Google Slider and Turn it to PDF File for Download / Targeted Category Landing Main Page / with Text Ad Link Redirect to List landing page…Add Slider / YouTube Videos / Images / Translatable Contents and More / it also rotate on all JV blogger TE Blog side column…

International Sponsor Post Feed: URL: in Your JV Blogger Feed Post Page…Tag to Full Page Pop Out Page and on All Post page Top and Bottom…All Blogs and JV Blogger TE Blog side column

JV Blogger Traffics Exchange: All PDF Slider Page and Feed with JV Blogger Advertise Here Links / JV Blogger get their refer Landing Page Rotate on and Landing page with Your JV Blogger Refer Link…The more You Share your JV Blogger TE Blog side column…the more your landing page show and track with your Refer link…It will help you build your JV Blogger Team downline and More Sponsors Ads Profits…

JV Blogger add the post URL link information on the text ads section…Landing page / JV ad page / Feed / expire date / sponsor username / assign credits / I post every thing / edit1 for tracking /

JV Blogger & JV Investors Listing Form

This is where Sponsors Look for YOU…”JV Bloggers”

More FREE UPDATE Classes in Members Club Blog…coming 10 April 2024

Please Spread the love to Share x10 TV and with Others

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