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Brian Tracy’s 

THE ULTIMATE GOALS PROGRAM: How to Get Everything You Want 

Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible Guidebook 

Producer: Dave Kuenstle 

Workbook: Theresa Puskar 

Engineer: Jerry Kaehn


Table of Contents 

Introduction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4 Session 1: Unlocking Your True Potential . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5 Session 2: Taking Charge of Your Life . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .6 Session 3: Creating Your Future and Clarifying Your Values . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .7 Session 4: Deciding Your True Goals and Your Major Definite Purpose . . . . . . . .9 Session 5: Analyzing Your Beliefs and Getting Started . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10 Session 6: Measuring Your Progress and Removing the Roadblocks . . . . . . . . . .12  Session 7: Becoming an Expert and Getting with the Right People . . . . . . . . . . .14 Session 8: Making a Plan of Action and Managing Your Time Well . . . . . . . . . . .16  

Session 9: Your Goals — Review Regularly and Visualize Continually . . . . . . . . .18 Session 10: Activating Your Superconscious Mind and Remaining Flexible . . . . .20 Session 11: Unlocking Your Creativity and Moving Forward Every Day . . . . . . . .22 Session 12: Persist Until You Succeed and Take Action Today . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .24 Summary . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .26 

4 Brian Tr a c y ’s THE ULT I M ATE GOALS PROGRAM 


Welcome to Brian Tracy’s THE ULTIMATE GOALS PROGRAM: How to Get Everything You Want Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible. Along with the audio program, this guidebook has been created to aid you in setting and achieving your goals better and faster than you ever thought possible.  

Having shared his ideas in more than 2,000 talks and seminars throughout the past 21 years with over two million students, Brian Tracy is considered by many to be the success guru. Brian’s graduates have reaped a multitude of benefits from his vast experience and expertise, often transforming their lives from rags to riches. Many who were struggling financially, and personally, have become self-made millionaires by following Brian’s advice and implementing the tools that he created for them.  

An analogy that Brian Tracy uses in regards to goal setting is that “you cannot hit a target that you can’t see.” It is therefore imperative that you sit down and decide exactly what you really want, in every area of your life. To do so, ideally you should follow the step-by-step system that Brian has created for you in this groundbreaking program. If you want to gain its full benefits, we urge you to make full use of this guidebook along with the audio segment to assist you in your goal-setting initiatives. 

To achieve the maximum benefits from this program and guidebook, listen to each audio session at least twice, ideally three times, and then work on the corresponding guidebook chapter. Listening to the audio session several times allows it to sink into your subconscious mind as you make more and more discoveries each time that you listen. Be sure to keep a paper and pen in hand as you are listening to the program, and be prepared to stop the program when you hear an idea or technique that particularly appeals to you. Think about that idea in connection with your situation, your work, your lifestyle, then prepare a plan to act upon it in the days ahead. You may wish to create an “Ultimate Goal Setting” journal in which you can record your ideas, thoughts, and insights.  

Some of the guidebook contents are worded as questions that you should take some time to respond to, while others are action steps that Brian suggests you take. Whether a question or action step, you should jot down any thoughts or ideas that might arise regarding the subject matter in the space provided. Taking the necessary action steps that are outlined in this proven and highly effective program will give you a much broader vision of who you really are and what is possible in your life.  

Whenever possible give yourself a deadline, and be committed to following through on that deadline. Without implementing any of the action steps that you have mapped out for yourself, this program simply becomes an exercise in listening. In order to gain the full benefits that this valuable program has to offer you, make the decision here and 

now to work through this program, and act upon your insights and strategies. By doing so, you can transform once-vague concepts and ideas into concrete real-life experiences. If you take the time to commit to this program now, you will undoubtedly reap extraordinary rewards for many, many years to come. 


Session 1: Unlocking Your True Potential 

“The potential of the average person is like a huge ocean unsailed, 

a new continent unexplored, a world of possibilities waiting to be released and channeled toward some great good.” —Brian Tracy 

In the first session of the program Brian Tracy emphasizes that the fundamental key to success is to set goals for yourself. He states that all successful individuals are intensely goal driven. They are v e ry clear about what they want and will single-mindedly focus their energy on attaining it. He reminds you that you have the capacity through your natural potential to succeed beyond your wildest dreams. The secret is to set specific goals and use the myriad of tools that Brian provides for you in order to turn your beliefs, ideas, and visions into practical, applicable life strategies.  

1. Imagine that you have the inborn ability to achieve any goal you could ever set for yourself. What do you really want to be, have, and do? 

2. What are the activities that give you your greatest sense of meaning and purpose in life? 

3. Look at your personal and work life today and identify how your own thinking has created your world. What should you, could you, change? 

4. What do you think and talk about most of the time: what you want or what you don’t want? 

5. What is the price you will have to pay to achieve the goals that are most important to you? 

6. What one action should you take immediately as the result of your answers to the above questions? 

6 Brian Tr a c y ’s THE ULT I M ATE GOALS PROGRAM 

Session 2: Taking Charge of Your Life  

“A man, as a general rule, owes very little to what he is born with — a man is what he makes of himself.” —Alexander Graham Bell  

You are solely responsible for the successes that you gain in your life. In this session Brian provides you with insights and direction on how you can take charge of your life and create those successes. He targets the greatest enemies to happiness and success as being negative emotions: fear, self p i ty, envy, jealousy, feelings of inferiority, and ultimately anger. He identifies the four causal factors that contribute to negativity as being justification, rationalization, over-concern or hypersensitivity , and blaming. To aid you in fully taking charge of your life, Brian suggests that you always see yourself as “self-employed,” and that you develop your own strategic plan for your life and career. This plan should include making new choices and decisions, becoming a “growth stock,” taking the wheel of your own fate, determining your focus of control, and incorporating the golden triangle concept into your goal-setting initiatives. 

1. Identify your biggest problem or source of negativity in life today. In what ways are you responsible for this situation? 

2. See yourself as the President of your own company. How would you act differently if you owned 100% of the shares? 

3. Resolve today to stop blaming anyone else for anything and instead accept complete responsibility in every area of your life. What actions should you be taking? 

4. Stop making excuses and start making progress. List some of your favorite excuses. Now, imagine that they have no basis in fact and act accordingly. 

5. See yourself as the primary creative force in your own life. You are where you are and what you are because of your own choices and decisions. What should you change?


6. Make a list of anyone you need to forgive in your life. Now, resolve today to forgive anyone who has ever hurt you in any way. Let it go. Refuse to discuss it again. Instead, get so busy working on something that is important to you that you don’t have time to think about it again. 

Session 3: Creating Your Future and Clarifying Your Values 

“You will become as large as your controlling desire; 

or as great as your dominant aspiration.” —James Allen 

There are four special qualities that stand out among all great leaders. They have vision, they  know who they are, what they believe in, and what they stand for. In this session Brian assists  you in establishing your unique vision as he asks many probing questions about your ideal future.  He encourages you to suspend any disbelieving thoughts and to take a journey into the world of p o s s i b i l i ty. Once you have an image of the life that you want, you need to clarify what your inner values. In order to do this, Brian encourages you to look within yourself, know yourself, trust your intuition, examine your past and present behaviors, determine your level of self-esteem, and finally, be sure to live in your truth.  

1. Imagine that there is a solution to every problem, a way to overcome every limitation, and no limit on achieving every goal you can set for yourself. What would you do differently? 

2. Practice “back from the future thinking.” Project forward five years and look back to the present. What would have to have happened for your world to be ideal? 

3. Imagine your financial life were perfect in every way. How much would you be earning? How much would you be worth? What steps could you take, starting today, to make these goals a reality? 

4. Imagine your family and personal life were perfect. What would it look like? What should you start doing more or less of, starting today? 

8 Brian Tr a c y ’s THE ULT I M ATE GOALS PROGRAM 

5. Plan your perfect calendar. Design your year from January to December as if you had no limitations. What would you change, starting today? 

6. Imagine that your levels of health and fitness were perfect in every way. What could you do, starting today, to make your vision into a reality? 

7. Make a list of 3-5 of your most important values in life today. What do you really believe in and stand for? 

8. What qualities and values are you best known for today among the people who know you? 

9. What do you consider to be the most important values guiding your relationships? 

10. What are your values regarding money and financial success? Are you practicing these values daily? 

11. Describe your picture of an ideal person, the person you would most want to be if you had no limitations. 

12. Write your own obituary, to be read to your friends and family at your funeral, exactly as you would like to be remembered. 

13. What one change could you make in your behavior today that would help you to live in greater harmony with your values?


Session 4: Deciding Your True Goals and Your Major Definite Purpose  

“Realize what you really want. It stops you from chasing butterflies 

and puts you to work digging gold.” —William Moulton Marsden 

The next step in establishing your ultimate goals is to determine what you really want to do with the rest of your life. In this session Brian aids you in determining what you want, while identifying the major worries that may stand in your way. He assists you in creating your dream list by introducing the “magic wand,” “six months to live,” and “instant millionaire” scenarios. He further encourages you to do what you want to do while making a difference in the world. Once you have decided upon your true goals, it is important that you uncover what your major definite purpose is. In doing so, you activate the reticular cortex of your brain. This in turn alerts your attention to the people, information, and opportunities in your environment that will help you to achieve your goals.  

1. Write down your three most important goals in life right now. 

2. What are your three most pressing problems or worries right now? 

3. If you won a million dollars cash, tax free, what changes in your life would you make immediately? 

4. What do you really love to do? What gives you the greatest feelings of value, importance, and satisfaction? 

5. If you could wave a magic wand over your life and have anything you wanted, what would you wish for? 

6. What would you do, how would you spend your time, if you only had six months left to live? 

10 Brian Tr a c y ’s THE ULT I M ATE GOALS PROGRAM 

7. What would you really want to do with your life, especially if you had no limitations? 8. What one great thing would you dare to dream if you knew you could not fail? 

9. Make a list of ten goals you would like to achieve in the months and years ahead, in the present tense. Select the one goal from that list that would have the greatest positive impact on your life. 

10. Determine how you will measure progress and success in the achieving of this goal. Write it down. 

11. Make a list of everything you can think of to do that will move you toward your goal. Take immediate action on at least one thing. 

12. Determine the price you will have to pay in additional work, time, and commitment to achieve your goal, and then get busy paying that price.  

Session 5: Analyzing Your Beliefs and Getting Started  

“The only thing that stands between a man and what he wants from life is often merely the will to try it and the faith to believe that it is possible.” —Richard M. DeVos 

Your beliefs create your reality. The trick to success is to knowing your current beliefs and how they affect you so that you can then select beliefs that will support the kind of life you wish for. In this session Brian assists you in ascertaining exactly what your current beliefs are and how to fully and consciously commit to your newly selected beliefs. Once you have established this new belief system, you are then ready to take your first major action step. Practicing the “reality principle” is an invaluable springboard that enables you to evaluate your current life and prepares you for putting together your own strategic plan.

Brian Tr a c y ’s THE ULT I M ATE GOALS PROGRAM 11

1. “Act as if!” If you were one of the most competent and highly respected people in your field, how would you think, act, and feel differently from today? 

2. Imagine that you have a “golden touch” with regard to money. If you were an extremely competent money manager, how would you handle your finances? 

3. Identify the self-limiting beliefs that could be holding you back. How would you act if they were completely untrue? 

4. Select a belief that you would most like to have about yourself at a deep inner level. Pretend as if you already believe this to be true. 

5. Look into the most difficult situation you are dealing with right now. What valuable lessons does it contain that can help you to be better in the future? 

6. Determine the reality of your current situation relative to your major goals. Where are you now and how far do you have to go? 

7. Apply the zero-based thinking principle to every area of your life. What are you doing today that you wouldn’t get into again if you had it to do over, knowing what you now know? 

8. Do a complete financial analysis of your life. How much are you earning today and how much are you worth? What are your goals in these areas? 

9. Do a complete skills analysis on yourself and your work. Where are you good? Where do you need to improve? 

12 Brian Tr a c y ’s THE ULT I M ATE GOALS PROGRAM 

10. Determine exactly how much you earn each hour and what it is you do to earn that amount. What do you have to do to increase your hourly rate in the months ahead? 

11. Imagine your future were perfect in every way. What would have to happen to make that vision a reality? 

Session 6: Measuring Your Progress and Removing the Roadblocks  

“There is no road too long to the man who advances deliberately and without undue haste; there are no honors too distant to the man who prepares himself for them with patience.” —Jean de la Bruyere 

The three keys to peak performance are commitment, completion, and closure. In this session you will learn how to measure your progress, focusing on the three keys as your barometer. Brian suggests simple and doable ta s ks that you can accomplish to attain your goals in whatever area of your life they may pertain to. He then shares several powerful exercises that you can do to eliminate any roadblocks that you may come up against as you work toward your goals.  

1. Determine a single measure that you can use to grade your progress and success in each area of life. Refer to it daily. 

2. Determine the most important part of your job as it affects your income, and measure your daily activities in that area. 

3. Set a minimum, specific amount for daily, weekly, and monthly saving and 

investment, and discipline yourself to put away those amounts. 

4. Break down every large goal into measurable, controllable parts, then focus on accomplishing each part on a fixed deadline.

Brian Tr a c y ’s THE ULT I M ATE GOALS PROGRAM 13

5. Make it a game with yourself to set benchmarks, measures, scorecards, targets and deadlines for every goal, then focus on those numbers and dates. The goals will take care of themselves. 

6. Resolve to accomplish at least one specific part of a larger goal each day, and never miss a day. 

7. Identify a major goal and then ask, “Why aren’t I there already? What is holding me back?” List everything you can think of. 

8. Look inward and face the possibility that it is your own fears and doubts that are your biggest roadblocks to success. 

9. Identify the constraint or limiting factor, in yourself or the situation, that sets the speed at which you achieve your goal. 

10. Develop several definitions of your major problem or obstacle. Ask, “What else is the problem?” 

11. Define your best solution as a goal, set a deadline, make a plan of action and then get busy on your plan. Work on it every day until the problem is solved or the 

obstacle is removed. 

14 Brian Tr a c y ’s THE ULT I M ATE GOALS PROGRAM 

Session 7: Becoming an Expert and Getting with the Right People  

“The uncommon man is merely the common man thinking and dreaming of success in larger terms and in more fruitful areas.” —Melvin Powers 

Two valuable keys to attaining your goals are to become an expert in your chosen field of endeavor and to become involved with the right people. Brian outlines the key assets that you need to acquire and continue to develop if you seek to be outstanding in your chosen field. He identifies the seven key result areas that determine your success or failure at your job, and he lists the eight ways for you to identify and determine your special talents. He stresses that it is imperative that you identify and further develop your special talents, along with becoming a relationship expert. He reminds you that everything in life and business is relationships. Investing considerable time and effort into creating healthy and effective relationships with those that you are in contact with, from your customers and employment team to your friends and family members, will prove to be invaluable.  

1. Resolve today to join the top 10% of people in your field. Make a lifelong 

commitment to excellence. 

2. Identify the key result areas of your job, the things you “absolutely, positively” have to do well to be successful in your field. 

3. Identify your weakest key area and start a “do-it-to-yourself” project to become excellent in that area. 

4. Determine the additional knowledge you will need to get to the top of your field, then develop a plan to acquire that knowledge. 

5. Dedicate yourself to lifelong learning. Read, listen to audio programs, attend courses and seminars, then put what you learn into action as quickly as you can.

Brian Tr a c y ’s THE ULT I M ATE GOALS PROGRAM 15

6. Make a list of the most important people in your work and business life. Develop a plan to help each person in some way. 

7. Make a list of the most important people in your personal life and determine the kind of relationships you want to have with them. What will you have to do to achieve these relationships? 

8. Identify the groups and organizations in your community and your field that would be helpful for you to join. Phone today and arrange to attend the next meeting. 

9. Make a list of the top people in your community, or in your field, and make a plan to get to know them personally. 

10. Look for every opportunity to expand your social and business circle. Send people letters, cards, faxes, and emails. Build bridges at every opportunity. 

16 Brian Tr a c y ’s THE ULT I M ATE GOALS PROGRAM 

Session 8: Making a Plan of Action and Managing Your Time Well  

“Thoroughness characterizes all successful men. Genius is the art of taking infinite pains… All great achievement has been characterized by extreme care, infinite painstaking, even to the minutest detail.” —Elbert Hubbard 

Now that you have completed your goal-setting groundwork, it is time to make your plan of action. In this session Brian explains the significance of proper planning, how to begin your plan, and the elements that culminate to make it efficient and effective. He then discusses how a sense of control is the key to feelings of happiness, confidence, power, and personal well-being. He emphasizes that you can only gain this sense of control when you practice excellent time management. He describes the many areas in which you need to focus in order to manage your time well. To keep you on track , he stresses the importance of constantly asking yourself five key questions in relation to managing your time: 1) Why am I on the payroll? 2) What are my highest value activities? 3) What are my key result areas? 4) What can I and only I do, that if done well, will make a real difference to my company? 5) What is the most valuable use of my time, right now?  

1. Make a list of everything that you can think of that you will have to do to achieve your goal. Leave nothing out. 

2. Organize your list by priority; what is the most important task or activity? The second most important? And so on. 

3. Organize your list by sequence. What must be done before something else can be done? 

4. Determine how much time and money it will take to achieve your goal or complete your task. Do you have the time and resources necessary for success? 

5. Revisit and revise your plan regularly, especially when you get new information or when things are not going as you had expected. Be prepared to change if you need to.

Brian Tr a c y ’s THE ULT I M ATE GOALS PROGRAM 17

6. Make a list of everything you would like to be, do, or have in the months and years ahead. Analyze your list and select those items that can have the greatest possible consequences on your life. 

7. The evening before, make a list of everything you have to do the next day. Let your subconscious mind work on your list while you sleep. 

8. Organize your list by priority using the 80/20 Rule and the ABCDE Method. Before you begin, separate the urgent from the non-urgent and the important from the non important. 

9. Select the most important task, the one with the greatest possible consequences for completion or non-completion, and circle it, making it your A-1 job. 

10. Begin immediately on your most important task and then discipline yourself to concentrate single-mindedly on this one task until it is 100% complete. 

18 Brian Tr a c y ’s THE ULT I M ATE GOALS PROGRAM 

Session 9: Your Goals — Review Regularly and Visualize Continually 

“It is a psychological law that whatever we wish to accomplish we must impress on the subjective or subconscious mind.” —Orison Swett Marden 

Brian opens this session by clarifying the difference between “positive thinking” and “positive k n o w i n g .” He stresses the significance of programming your subconscious mind and actually “knowing” that you are destined for success. It is important that you systematically set your goals and discipline yourself to writing them down each day. He suggests several tools that you can use to most effectively create and update your goals. He then discusses the power that lies in your ability to constantly visualize your goals. He lists the four parts of visualization that you can learn and practice to ensure that you use this awesome power to its best advantage: frequency, duration, vividness, and intensity.  

1. If you haven’t already done so, write down 10-15 goals that you would like to achieve in the foreseeable future. 

2. Create a set of 3×5 index cards with your goals written out in the positive, personal, present tense. Carry these with you wherever you go. 

3. Each night before you go to sleep, visualize and imagine your goals as they would be when you have achieved them  

4. Think of three things you could do to achieve each of your goals. Always think in terms of specific actions you could take. 

5. Discipline yourself to rewrite your goals every day, without reviewing your previous list, until you become absolutely convinced that achieving your goals is inevitable. 

6. Project forward and imagine that your life were perfect in every respect. What would it look like? Whatever your answer, imagine this picture regularly.

Brian Tr a c y ’s THE ULT I M ATE GOALS PROGRAM 19

7. Cut out pictures of the things you would like to have and the person you would like to be in the future. Look at these pictures and think about what you could do to turn them into reality. 

8. Practice mental rehearsal before every event of importance. See yourself in your mind’s eye as performing at your very best in everything you do or attempt. 

9. Continually feed your mind with clear, exciting, emotional pictures. Remember, your imagination is your preview of life’s coming attractions. 

10.Design your own dream house, dream business, or dream career. Write down every ingredient it would have if it were perfect in every respect. Visualize this as a reality every day. 

20 Brian Tr a c y ’s THE ULT I M ATE GOALS PROGRAM 

Session 10: Activating Your Superconscious Mind and Remaining Flexible  

“The subjective mind is entirely under the control of the objective mind. With the utmost fidelity, it works to its final consequences whatever the subjective mind impresses upon it.” —Thomas Troward 

In this session Brian introduces the superconscious mind as a powerful ally in your goal-setting strategies. He discusses the conditions in which you can best activate it, and he describes how it functions in conjunction with the goal-setting steps that you have already taken. The two ways that you can stimulate it are by concentrating and working intensely on achieving your goal and by r e l axing completely and getting your mind busy elsewhere. He emphasizes that the more you trust the capacity of your superconscious mind, the greater its power will be. Another key to ach i e v i n g your goals is to remain flexible. At times when there is rapid change, flexibility has been cited as the single most important quality that you can develop. Brian lists the many areas in which you need to remain flexible, alert, and open as you begin to manifest your goals. He gives you three valuable s tatements you learn to say to remain flexible during turbulent times: 1) “I was wrong.” 2) “I made a m i s ta k e .” 3) “I changed my mind.” 

1. Recall a time when you had a superconscious experience that solved a problem or enabled you to achieve a goal. Reflect on the process and think about how you can duplicate it.  

2. Select your most important goal, your major definite purpose, and visualize it clearly, over and over, with complete confidence that it will materialize at exactly the right time for you. 

3. Begin the daily practice of solitude and meditation. During this time, just let your mind relax and float from subject to subject until exactly the right answer to the right question pops into your mind.

Brian Tr a c y ’s THE ULT I M ATE GOALS PROGRAM 21

4. Make it a practice to take action on a superconscious idea as soon as it comes into your mind. Don’t hesitate. Have complete faith that only the best can happen when you trust in this power. 

5. Try to solve your problem with single-minded concentration. If that doesn’t work, get your mind busy elsewhere. At exactly the right time, the ideal solution will emerge from your intuition or appear in your life. 

6. Regularly ask yourself the question, “What do I really, really want to do with my life?” Then make sure that your current goals and activities are in harmony with your answer. 

7. Be completely honest and realistic with your life and goals. Resolve to see the world as it is, not as you wish it were or could be. What changes does this practice suggest? 

8. Be willing to admit, in each area of your life where you experience stress or 

resistance, that you could be wrong or that you have made a mistake. Resolve today to cut your losses wherever possible. 

9. If the situation has changed, or you have new information, be willing to change your mind and make a new decision based on the facts as they exist today. Refuse to persist on a course of action that does not make good sense. 

10. Look into each problem or obstacle you face and seek the valuable lesson or benefit it contains. Should you change your direction or course of action based on new information or experience? If so, do it now. 

22 Brian Tr a c y ’s THE ULT I M ATE GOALS PROGRAM 

Session 11: Unlocking Your Creativity and Moving Forward Every Day  

“Make every thought, every fact, that comes into your mind pay you a profit. Make it work and produce for you. Think of things not as they are but as they may be. Don’t merely dream but create!” —Robert Collier 

Your creativity and brainpower are like muscles that constantly have to be stretched and used in order to be fully effective. Brian illustrates the capacity that we all have for greater creativity, and he provides you with many tools that you can use to improve your “creative genius” muscle. He also outlines ways in which you can ward off potentially destructive challenges that may come your way. He then lists a four-step problem-solving methodology that you can and should use as you continue on your goal-achieving journey: Step 1: Define the problem clearly. Step 2: Ask, “What are all the possible causes of this problem?” Step 3: Ask, “What are all the possible solutions?” Step 4: Once you have identified several possible solutions, ask, “What must this solution accomplish?” He ends this session by discussing the importance of taking some action toward your goals every day. Consistency and commitment are key. 

1. Select your most important goal, or biggest problem, and write it at the top of a sheet of paper as a question. Then discipline yourself to generate 20 answers to that 

question, and immediately implement one of those answers. 

2. Systematically approach every problem by defining it clearly, developing possible solutions, making a decision, then implementing the solution as soon as possible. 

3. Think on paper. Write down every detail of a problem or goal and look for simple, practical ways to solve the problem or achieve the goal. 

4. Identify the best and worst things that could happen to you in the months ahead. Determine what you could do to reduce the effects of the worst outcomes and 

maximize the benefits of the best possible outcomes.

Brian Tr a c y ’s THE ULT I M ATE GOALS PROGRAM 23

5. You are only as free as your options. Develop a plan B for every important area of your business and personal life.  

6. Resolve today to pick up the pace in your life. Move faster from task to task. Walk quickly. Develop a higher tempo of activity. 

7. Imagine you were going away tomorrow for a month and you had to get caught up on everything before you left. Work as hard and as fast as you do just before you leave for vacation. 

8. Practice tight time planning. Imagine that you only had half the time available to get the job done, and work with a sense of urgency all day long. 

9. Continually ask for more responsibility, and when you get it, complete the task quickly and well. This one habit will continually open doors of opportunity for you. 

10. From now on, resolve to get up one hour earlier and get going immediately. Work through lunchtime and coffee breaks. Stay an hour later to get caught up and ready for the next day. These additions will double your productivity and put you onto the fast track in your career. 

24 Brian Tr a c y ’s THE ULT I M ATE GOALS PROGRAM 

Session 12: Persist Until You Succeed and Take Action Today 

“Few things are impossible to diligence and skill; great works are performed not by strength, but by perseverance.” —Samuel Johnson 

Developing the habits of persistence, self-discipline, and courage are outlined in this session. Brian delves into the nature of fear and how you can work on overcoming it before it overcomes you. He stresses that risk-taking and persistence are two essential qualities of successful individuals. He reminds you that adversity and drawbacks come with the territory, and he encourages you to move f o rward beyond any challenges that come your way. He ends this session with a summarization of the 21 principles and emphasizes that with commitment and practice, you are capable of anyt h i n g that you set your mind to.  

1. Identify the biggest challenge or problem facing you today on the way to achieving your biggest goal. Imagine that it has been sent to test your resolve and desire. Decide that you will never give up. 

2. Identify the occasions where your determination to persist was the key to your success. Remind yourself of those experiences whenever you face difficulties or discouragement of any kind. 

3. Resolve in advance that as long as you intensely desire your goal, you will never give up until you achieve it. 

4. Look into every problem, difficulty, obstacle, or setback for the seed of an equal or greater benefit or opportunity. You will always find something that can help you. 

5. In every situation, resolve to be solution-oriented and action-oriented. Always think in terms of the things you can do right now to solve your problems or achieve your goals, and then get started! Never give up.

Brian Tr a c y ’s THE ULT I M ATE GOALS PROGRAM 25

This is a poem by an anonymous author that Brian thinks everyone should read and memorize and recite to himself or herself when tempted to quit or to stop trying. This poem is called “Don’t Quit.” 

Don’t Quit 

When things go wrong, as they sometimes will. 

When the road you’re trudging seems all up hill. 

When the funds are low and the debts are high. 

And you want to smile, but you have to sigh. 

When care is pressing you down a bit. 

Rest, if you must, but don’t you quit. 

Life is queer with its twists and turns. 

As every one of us sometimes learns. 

And many a failure turns about 

When he might have won had he stuck it out. 

Don’t give up though the pace seems slow — 

You may succeed with another blow. 

Success is failure turned inside out — 

The silver tint of the clouds of doubt. 

And you never can tell how close you are. 

It may be near when it seems so far. 

So stick to the fight when you’re hardest hit — 

It’s when things seem worst that you must not QUIT. 

26 Brian Tr a c y ’s THE ULT I M ATE GOALS PROGRAM 


Take Action Today 

You have now learned perhaps the most comprehensive strategy for setting and achieving goals that has ever been put together in one book. By practicing these rules and principles, you can accomplish more in the coming months and years than most people accomplish in a lifetime. 

The most important quality you can develop for lifelong success is the habit of taking action on your plans, goals, ideas, and insights. The more often you try, the sooner you will triumph. There is a direct relationship between the number of things you attempt and your accomplishments in life. Here are the 21 steps for setting and achieving goals and for living a wonderful life. 

1. Unlock Your Potential — Always remember that your true potential is unlimited. Whatever you have accomplished in life up to now has only been a preparation for the amazing things you can accomplish in the future. 

2. Take Charge of Your Life — You are completely responsible for everything you are today, for everything you think, say and do, and for everything you become from this moment forward. Refuse to make excuses or to blame others. Instead, make progress toward your goals every day. 

3. Create Your Own Future — Imagine that you have no limitations on what you can do, be, or have in the months and years ahead. Think about and plan your future as if you had all the resources you needed to create any life that you desire.  

4. Clarify Your Values — Your innermost values and convictions define you as a person. Take the time to think through what you really believe in and care about in each area of your life. Refuse to deviate from what you feel is right for you. 

5. Determine Your True Goals — Decide for yourself what you really want to accomplish in every area of your life. Clarity is essential for happiness and high performance living. 

6. Decide Upon Your Major Definite Purpose — You need a central purpose to build your life around. There must be a single goal that will help you to achieve your other goals more than any other. Decide what it is for you and work on it all the time. 

Brian Tr a c y ’s THE ULT I M ATE GOALS PROGRAM 27

7. Analyze Your Beliefs — Your beliefs about your own abilities, and about the world around you, will have more of an impact on your feelings and actions than any other factor. Make sure that your beliefs are positive and consistent with achieving everything that is possible for you.  

8. Start at the Beginning — Do a careful analysis of your starting point before you set off toward the achievement of your goal. Determine your exact situation today and be both honest and realistic about what you want to accomplish in the future. 

9. Measure Your Progress — Set clear benchmarks, measures, metrics, and scorecards for yourself on the road to your goals. These measures help you to 

assess how well you are doing and enable you to make necessary adjustments and corrections as you go along.  

10. Eliminate the Roadblocks — Success boils down to the ability to solve problems and remove obstacles on the path to your goal. Fortunately, problem solving is a skill you can master with practice, and thereby achieve your goals faster than you ever thought possible. 

11. Become an Expert in Your Field — You have within you, right now, the ability to be one of the very best at what you do, to join the top 10% in your field. Set this as a goal, work on it every day, and never stop working at it until you get there. 

12. Get Around the Right People — Your choices of people with whom to live, work, and socialize will have more of an affect on your success than any other factor. Resolve today to associate only with people you like, respect, and admire. Fly with the eagles if you want to be an eagle yourself. 

13. Make a Plan of Action — An ordinary person with a well thought-out plan will run circles around a genius without one. Your ability to plan and organize in advance will enable you to accomplish even the biggest and most complex goals. 

14. Manage Your Time Well — Learn how to double and triple your productivity, performance, and output by practicing practical and proven time management principles. Always set priorities before you begin, then concentrate on the most valuable use of your time. 

28 Brian Tr a c y ’s THE ULT I M ATE GOALS PROGRAM 

15. Review Your Goals Regularly — Take time every day, every week, every month to review and reevaluate your goals and objectives. Make sure that you are still on track and that you are still working toward things that are important to you. Be prepared to modify your goals and plans with new information. 

16. Continually Visualize Your Goals — Direct the movies of your mind. Your imagination is the preview of your life’s coming attractions. Repeatedly “see” your goals as if they already existed. Your clear, exciting mental images activate all your mental powers and attract your goals into your life. 

17. Activate Your Superconscious Mind — You have within you and around you an incredible power that will bring you everything and anything you want or need. Take the time regularly to tap into this amazing source of ideas and insights for goal attainment. 

18. Remain Flexible at All Times — Be clear about your goal, but be flexible about the process of achieving it. Be constantly open and aware of new, better, faster, cheaper ways to achieve the same result. If something is not working, be willing to try a different approach. 

19. Unlock Your Inborn Creativity — You have more creative ability to solve problems and come up with new and better ways for goal attainment than you have ever used. You are a potential genius. You can tap into your intelligence to overcome any obstacle and achieve any goal you can set for yourself. 

20. Do Something Every Day — Use the “Momentum Principle of Success” by getting started toward your goal and then doing something every day that moves you closer to what you want to accomplish. Action orientation is essential to your success. 

21. Persist Until You Succeed — In the final analysis, your ability to persist longer than anyone else is the one quality that will guarantee great success in life. 

Persistence is self-discipline in action, and it is the true measure of your belief in yourself. Resolve in advance that you will never, never give up!

Brian Tr a c y ’s THE ULT I M ATE GOALS PROGRAM 29 

Enhance Your Audio Library with These Great Titles  From Nightingale-Conant and Brian Tracy! 

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you as you take action steps toward making your greatest 

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but sometimes lack the motivation to carry them through. With the ongoing nurturing and guidance of your personal coach and this outstanding program, you will be accountable for changes you want to make in your life. No doubt you know that accountability is most often the key to taking affirmative action. 

Created exclusively for Nightingale-Conant by Brian Tracy, this program has massive life-changing results on those that have committed themselves to it. It consists of a minimum of 12 weeks of 30-minute one-on-one tele-coaching sessions with a trained personal coach. Accompanying the program are 12 audios, one for each week of study, along with a 400-page workbook. This extraordinary program focuses on every aspect of your life and helps to integrate and balance your life success skills along with your business growth. 

Brian Tracy’s Personal Success Tele-Coaching Program offers you guidance in the areas of: 

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• Goal Setting • Intelligence • Career Success 

• Success • Leadership • Health & Fitness 

• Time Management • Relationships • Character 

Your life will magically transform as you turn your conceptualized thoughts into active steps toward achieving your goals.

Brian Tr a c y ’s THE ULT I M ATE GOALS PROGRAM 31 

This is what some recent graduates have said 

about the program:

“I have been in sales for over ten years with the 3M 

corporation. I have attended dozens of continuing 

education seminars and workshops, as well as 

invested in audio programs, books, and have done tele coaching through another organization. Your coaching program has been not only the most thorough, but has had the largest impact on my growth! Within six months from the beginning of our coaching, I have increased my income by 20%!” 

Christopher Yonker 

“Having my Nightingale-Conant coach has had a tremendous impact on my life in a short period of time. I am now quickly realizing cherished goals I had worked towards on my own literally for years with little result, including new work, a new level of physical fitness and health, and a more beautiful, comfortable home — not to mention greater confidence and respect.” 

Sharon Heringer 

“My Personal Success Coach… what can I say? Extremely intelligent, friendly, insightful, patient, just a few of the many words needed to describe him. His work with me was nothing short of astounding!” 

Dave Doering 

As you can see by the above testimonies, in his Personal Success Te l e – C o a c h i n g P ro g r a m Brian Tracy has created one of the most comprehensive, powerful, self development programs to date. Act now and call in to receive further inform a t i o n 

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32 Brian Tr a c y ’s THE ULT I M ATE GOALS PROGRAM Notes

N i g h t i n g a l e – C o n a n t 1 – 8 0 0 – 5 2 5 – 9 0 0 0 

w w w. n i g h t i n g a l e . c o m

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