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WOW…Another Month Go By

I Hope Everyone Having Fun Putting Things Together…

Here is a quick go through on what you should have in your blog from the last few class tasks…

  • Your Gmail email Account
  • Your Google Blogger Blogspot.com Blog
  • Your Blog Slogan
  • List of things that you put together for your POP
  • Categories to All JV Blogs with the Lists on your Post with Linkvertise / Sorry I won't recommend linkvertise.com, it slow and something wrong with the tracking system…
  • Your Team RSS FEED
  • Your Team Decided what Category to start with…It can be each have one Category…
  • Instate of using Linkvertise, you can use site.google.com as your redirection page (This is just a Example just use html editor to create your own redirection page for all category lists pages) with ADSTERRA.com ads…and iframe your blogspot.com disclaimer page in between your Adsterra ads, so that your Google AdSense ads will show too…you can also use it as your support page and your advertiser payment page, I will should you how on the next class…Example

Click Here to Get Your Iframe Html Code


Please Get All the things to be Done First, and I Hope You are Ready By August 25 / 2023 for the following things you be sharing at JV.x10tv.com

  • Welcome JV Members to join our My.x10tv.com
  • Your Blogspot.com Blog to Be Post at JV.x10tv.com
  • This Is How you going be Share at all x10tv.com blog / Example 1 / Example 2 / Example 3 / Example 4 / That’s enough Example…Now is time to see you can package this for example together, so that you can tell me where to expand together, when I going to release my p.o.p on the August 25 / This is your 2 weeks 2 Hour task per week…

See You for my next class 5 Task

Yours Sincerely,

Keng Ten


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