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What we do everyday…To Survive…We all have the same thing to do everyday to keep us survive…NEEDS…

Which means that’s lots of ways to survive in this world, because human always need helps to get their needs…So Don’t give out your dream Trade, that’s always someone need your advise…

So what Multiples going to do with surviving…?

Before we get into Multiples, what the root to keep your business surviving?

Keep your profits growing…It doesn’t matter is only a penny a day…it still growing…Now Multiples that penny every-days if you can do that, it were be Amazing, let see how much it will be, if Doubling a penny in 30 days…

1- 10 days: 0.01, 0.02, 0.04, 0.08, 0.16, 0.32, 0.64, 1.28, 2.58, 5.12,

11 – 20 days: 10.29, 20.48, 40.98, 81.92, 163.89, 327.68, 655.38, 1,310.72, 2,621.44, 5,242.88

21 – 30 days: 10,485.76, 20,971.52, 41,943.04, 83,886.08, 167,772.16, 335,544.32, 671,088.64, 1,346,177.28, 2,684,354.56, 5,368,709.12

WOW…$5,368,709.12 in 30 Days…From Doubling a penny

Looks how powerful multiples can be…

Now you only need two basic things to know to start a business is NEEDS…than Multiples…

OK to make emplaning easy read this following sale letter, and lets see you can find the needs and what Multiples mean…then I explains how it can be done with most businesses, I mean not just online, it works off line too…is the easier way to survive in this world…

Here’s the sale Letter: You can not buy it, is JUST a Example…:)

“Your Own Information Marketing Publishing Empire”

Dear Information Marketer:

Have you ever thought, “I wish I had a business like Sean’s?” You know, a business with 50+ products to sell, a coaching program with 6 months of pre-programmed lessons, and a new product released every month like clockwork?

Or maybe you thought that about someone else . . . Yanik Silver, Marlon Sanders, Rich Schefren, Eben Pagan, Brendon Burchard, and so on.

Do you want a business like Marlon Sanders, Rich Schefren, Eben Pagan, Brendon Burchard, or Yanik Silver?

What do we all have in common?

Sure, our traffic methods are different. Our teaching styles are different.

But what do we all have in common?


We each have dozens of products.

And the one thing that unites us all – is that our revenue comes when people buy our products.

For all the window dressing and sales letters, and everything: it all comes down to this:

having lots of products to sell means people can buy our products.

So have you have ever thought, or maybe you are thinking now, “that’s what I really want . . . my own full line of products to sell”

but when you think about it it simply seems daunting?

I mean, really, it’s not easy to think about creating 50 products for your funnel, is it?

Not only do you have to take all the time to create the products, but you have to think up all the topics.

And write complete outlines of all the things you are going to teach in each one.

And go research all the topics to know what to teach.

And if you think about it, much of what I teach, and what Rich Schefren and Yanik Silver and Marlon Sanders and Eben Pagan teaches, you can’t even do research to find it.

It’s in our heads!

Seriously, each week when I do my live coaching, so much of what I teach cannot be learned ANYWHERE else because I am teaching new material!

So let me ask you this, you want a full-scale internet business like mine, right?

So what holds you back from just having it?

Is it the time to create all the products?

Is it the ideas and creativity of what to put into 50 products?

Is it the knowledge of what to teach?

Is it that you just don’t feel confident teaching something you haven’t done your self?

Does the fact that it’s taken you a year just to create your last product hold you back from thinking you could create 12 in the next year?

Or maybe the fact that you haven’t *done* all these im topics yourself so you don’t feel know what to teach.

Or maybe it’s something ELSE that’s holding you back . . .

So what is holding YOU back?

I mean, this is what you want – a full scale publishing empire like mine – where you release a new product each month, right?

And in 48 months have 48 products for sale in your funnel?

And of course you’ve made money selling each and every product along the way just like I have?

Is that what you want?

What would that do for your family if you had a publishing empire like mine, with 50 products or more selling in your funnel?

What would you do with the extra money?

I mean, if you just took in an extra $5k next month, what would you do with it?

What would you do with an extra $20k in a few months if you had multiple products for sale?

Look, I can’t promise you a specific number of sales YOU would make if you had 50 products in your product funnel.

But my guess is it would be a whole lot more than you have coming in now in your information business, right?

So how would you feel if you had access to over 50 of MY products with full private label rights to ALL the products I sell and you could create your own instant product funnel with YOUR name on it?

Or what if you were to start with 10 products so you could have a fully-fleshed out products page with 10 products, then each month you were to release a new product- for a full 3 years?

Would you like a business like that?

With ready-made products that you could just put into your funnel, one at a time, or all at once, and start selling them immediately?

How would it feel to have a line of 50 products that you could claim – legititimately – and I’ll show you how in a sec- that are “Your Name + Sean Mize”?

If that’s what you want, then this is just for you!

Now, before I tell you anymore about it, I want to let you know that this is a test offer, and I’m only planning to let 20 people get in on this today, to test how well it works.

But imagine this:

Imagine if you were to take one of my products . . . perhaps my latest, strongest email marketing training that sells for $387 in my funnel – my Integrated Conversion Campaign

Now it has 5 hours of deep psychologically based email training – material no one else on earth is teaching – and I’ve never made it available for resale until now –

Now imagine if you were to position it as “Sean Mize + Your Name” and rename it “The Brand New Psychological Email Writing” Training Program

Now the way you would customize it for YOU would be to simply listen to the trainings themselves (and can you imagine how much you would learn if you listened to that training program), and take notes.

Then YOU would record a 20 minute intro just reviewing the notes and what the buyer is going to learn from Sean and your take on it – and then tell them to sit back and enjoy the training you are presenting from me.

YOU could even re-record the entire training based on the notes you took and over time replace MY recordings with YOURS and over time, all of these products would become 100% YOURS in your funnel, and you could even take my name out of the title!

And of course, you would create a new name for each product, so that you, along with the other 19 people who gain access to this today, will have 100% unique trainings and NO ONE will know they are the same on the backend (especially since the intro to each one will be 100% unique to YOU)

Imagine if you were to do this with 10, 20, or even 30 of my products, just like this, over time, creating your own unique im product funnel.

Do you like this model?

Are you beginning to get excited about what you could do with this?

Could you transform one product a week for 10 weeks to get yourself a full funnel in 10 weeks, then start transforming one product a month for the next 40 months?

And in 40 months you could have a complete product funnel with 50 products just like I do?

How would it feel to have a complete internet information publishing business like this?

By the way, maybe you are thinking, well what else could I do with these?

What if you were to video-ize each one?

Just create slides for each topic, then merge the audio file with your powerpoint, and presto! you have 50+ video products to sell!

You could even outsource it all!

Just tell your outsourcer to make a powerpoint slide for each 5 minutes of teaching, with bullet points for each topic, then merge the powerpoint with the audio file.

And you could sell each one as a brand new video product!

You could literally release a new video product every single month for the next 50 months!

What else could you do with these?

You could transcribe each one into a manual – most of these trainings are 5-10 hours long, so that will translate to about 100 pages of text for each one.

You could release a new kindle every month for the next 5o months!

How many of your im competitors have 50 kindles that are 100 pages long each!

You could release a new ebook every month for 50 months!

I could go on and on with different ways you could use this content to customize it as your own!

The possibilities are endless!

So what would it be worth to have 50+ products of mine with full private label rights, full rights to edit them as much as you want and call them your own, to be able to set them to powerpoint and make videos out of each one?

What would it be worth to have the instant content for a complete information publishing empire?

How would YOU like to have your OWN information publishing empire and STOP trying to build your im business from scratch?

Look, I know it’s an admirable thing to start your im business from scratch. But the truth is, it doesn’t work for most people. And it’s probably not working for you.

How would your life be different if you had a full 50 product funnel almost instantly?

What if you could bring someone into your email campaign and in the next 50 weeks, present them with a new product each week for them to buy?

How would your home life with your family, with your wife, with your husband, with your children, how would that be different if you had a complete information business publishing empire NOW instead of waiting 5 years while you figure it out and take all the time to build it out?

How would it feel?

How would your life change?

What would you do with the extra money?

Where would you take your family on vacation?

What would you buy, who would you help out?

Here’s the thing, I don’t know what YOUR life could look like with a 50+ product publishing empire.

I do know that it has changed mine.

To not work 9-5 anymore.

To travel when we want to.

To sleep late when we want to.

To go where we want, help out whom we want.

God has blessed me and my family incredibly in the last few years through the development of my publishing empire.

And I want to make that possible for you.

Introducing Private Label Resale Rights to Over 50 of My Training Programs

You get private label rights to EVERY PRODUCT I SELL – including my latest releases (2013), my integrated conversion training, my email campaign toolbox, and my Targeted Traffic Training Program.

PLUS – over 47 additional products

PLUS – my 44 lesson persuasive writing lessons –

Over $15,000 of products themselves if you sold each one at the price I sell them for –

and you will have complete private label rights to them, to edit them in any way you want, add an intro from you and call them yours and mine, transcribe them and sell them as ebooks, turn them into videos – anything you want to do with them –

I can’t guarantee you what kind of money you’ll make. Because you will have to put these in a funnel and sell them, and I don’t know if you’ll do that or not.

But imagine if you only released one new product a month for a year, and you only made $2,000 per product – that would be $100,000 this year alone.

And then when you automate it in your funnel, that could be $100,ooo every single year into the future.

What would you and your family do with an extra $100,ooo coming in each year?

And of course, you could make more, but I want to be realistic here for those who are just going to do the basics and make $100,000 by creating their own information marketing publishing business.

And of course, imagine if you transform these into videos or books and you get invited to speak at events due to your publishing empire? And if you re-record these in your own voice, no one ever needs to know you got the info from me. You could literally become a speaker/author with this material – and far surpass $100,000 each year!

Now here’s the thing, I could probably sell limited licenses to this information marketing publishing empire for $25,000 or more – and get it.

Especially if I limited it to just 5 individuals (and if you want me to do that, let me know – if you and 4 others are willing to invest $25,000 each for this, I’ll take it off the market for everyone else)

But realistically, you are going to repurpose this so that it is coming from you.

No one needs to know I created the initial information.

So I’ve decided instead to release this entire publishing empire content pack of private label rights to over 50 of my products, including my latest products to which I have NEVER sold resale rights –

Not for $25,000

or for a discounted $15,000

or $10,000

but instead, for just $1995 for EVERYTHING!

But wait, it gets better –

Because for the first 10 people who invest in this package (and this IS an investment, this is going to transform your business because you can STOP trying to START your business and instead start releasing products and SELLING THEM!)

For the first 10 people who invest, I am throwing in a few additional bonuses:

1) You get private label rights to my entire Platinum Coaching Series lessons! These are the EXACT lessons I use in my own $1000 coaching program – and you’ll get them all, with private label rights to use them as your own! ($10,000 value)

2) You get advance private label rights to EVERY PRODUCT I release THROUGH 2014 – that’s right – private label rights to EVERY PRODUCT I release in all of 2013 AND all of 2014! (priceless)

3) You get a full year of coaching with me in my BRAND NEW – mastermind coaching program – (this is a BRAND NEW program and not been released yet, you’ll get charter access at NO CHARGE for a full year!) ($5,000 value)

That’s over $15,000 + priceless in total BONUS value alone IF you are one of the first 10 who get this information publishing empire today!

Get Everything for $1995 Today:

Or make just 7 monthly payments of $299 each:

So here’s to review:

You’ll get private label access to EVERY product I sell – $25,000 value

You’ll get private label rights to my entire Platinum Coaching Series lessons – $10,000 value

You’ll get advanced private label rights to EVERY PRODUCT I release THROUGH 2014 – priceless

You’ll get a full year of coaching with me in my BRAND NEW – mastermind coaching program I am releasing next week – $5,000 value

That’s over $40,000 in total value for just $1995 today:

Or make 7 monthly payments of just $299 each:

Here’s the thing: if you have been hoping and dreaming and trying to build your own information publishing empire – if that is your dream but it just isn’t happening – then THIS is your ticket to your own information publishing empire.

Because you won’t have to plan out your products or decide what to create – it’s all done for you.

All you have to do is put your name on these, make them your own, and if you want to turn them into videos, you can outsource that to someone easily, in fact, you can outsource the entire transformation process of making these your own.

It’s easy to outsource, and it’s easy to do – and imagine how your life will be different if you can release a new product every month for the next 50 months, or have an instant 10 products NOW plus release a new product every month for the next 40 months!

Plus with the limited time bonus to the first 10 people who get this today, you’ll even get private label rights to every product I release through 2014 – so that will add possibly as many as 10-20 more products (I can’t give you an exact number, as I create products when I am inspired to do it, it’s usually about 1 per month, but I can’t promise a specific number)

This will change your life, if you let it.

And if you are working with someone else in your business, like your wife or your son, you might find that this is the kind of thing you can purchase and give them instructions for transforming each one into your unique product.

That might feel like manual labor to you, but someone in your family might be delighted to do it, and when it pays for a new lifestyle for all of you, plus new family vacations and a new standard of living for all of you, it’s worth it!

But only YOU can pull the trigger, make the decision to change your life forever.

I remember in August of 2006 when I pulled the trigger on starting my own information business, and my life hasn’t been the same since.

And it can be that way with you as well.

And maybe right now you are wondering if this is the *right* thing to do.

If so, I’m going to be bold and suggest something not many in this industry would have the guts to do . . .

I suggest you stop what you are doing right now and simply pray. Ask God to direct you in building this new future for yourself.

Ask God for direction.

And when He gives you the answer, the right direction to take, take it.

Don’t avoid Him, don’t pass by Him, just follow His direction.

Every step of the way.

You see, I believe you can have the business of your dreams, and that you can have it quickly.

I believe that God wants to bless you immeasurably.

Now, after talking with Him, only you will know if this is right for you.

But if it is, take action!

Take action, make the investment, and get started transforming my products into YOUR products.

Build a product funnel that changes lives like I have.

Put purpose into your im business, like I have.

You see, I don’t just sell products.

I sell purpose, a future.

I empower people to change their lives forever.

It’s your turn now.

Take action and change your life.

Legal disclaimer: Note: this is NOT a business opportunity. You are buying unlimited private label rights to over 50 of my products. You can do anything you want with these products. No income is guaranteed, and every income mention in this letter is for illustrative purposes only. I have never sold this package before, so I can’t state that others make so much etc. using this package. This is a brand new package of private label rights and will only be worth as much to you as you take these products and make them your own and sell them in your own business. And since it is your own business, I cannot claim that you will make any certain figure this year or any year.

Here we go, did you see the needs in the sale letter, and how you can Multiples your profits from 50 products…

No…I am not asking you to start selling PLR Products or Buy this products, I Want you to learn the marketing system and make use of it in your business or to start up a business…

It all about P.O.P…”Preparation…Organization…Packaging…”

Doesn’t it look like a franchise Business without the BRAND…?

All the Preparation work is done for you…Organization step by step information…Packaging all you do is follow everything in the package…But only difference is franchise Business is you have to use their NAME and follow the RULES and you have to pay franchise Fee…

That a lot of money to involve to start a franchise business…

For example HOW I can use PLR Marketing System in my off line business and create a constant income…?

I am not talking about selling PLR Products Offline, I mean using the system…

Here’s an quick example:

If I have a few thousand dollars only to start an off line business…What will I do…?

I will be a middle man, and start looking at Common needs…

Lets Pick something common like “FOOD” as an example.

What make FOOD Difference that People want MORE…”TASTE”…

So what the main selling point…”TASTY FOOD”…

Where people look for TASTY FOOD, where people cooks tasty food…LIKE Restaurants…Night Markets…Street Food Vendors…Food Court…etc…

Now you look at it, do you have the money to start a restaurant or you want to cook for people for a life time at a street because you don’t have enough money to start a Restaurant…

What do restaurant need to keep their customers happy and come back for more…TASTY FOOD…Defiantly with a SMILE…

Now if I can supple the restaurant with good tasty food without learning what the ingredients is, without hiring specials cook or special cooking equipment to do that and they can use their own name for that dish., and their customers don’t know where it from, only they need to know is it “taste good” and they know where to get them when They want more…

I like Chinese food, so I going use some of them as an example, like BBQ PORK, BBQ DUCK, BBQ Chicken and rice ingredients in package, wonton, wonton soup base, dry wonton ingredients in package, PHO Soup ingredients, all soup base ingredients in package, etc… and all this supple have no name on it, so no one know where it from…except the owner and you, and only you know the suppler…JUST Like PLR Products you can do what ever you want from it…Is YOUR REPUTATION…Is YOUR BUSINESS…

NOTE: If you want to start packaging your own ingredients, you can do research on recipes and use the recipes steps to package all the ingredients into package,

If you can get 10 Restaurants to start getting this supplies from you everyday, and each of them can earn you minimum of $25 each delivery after all expenses…that’s $7,500 in profits a month…that’s what I call Multiples…constant profits…chance to have profits grow…the restaurants get to serve more good taste food which increase their profits, they make more money, YOU GET YOUR PROFITS GROW…when they do use more of your ingredients…and you can start expanding from there…All you do everyday is go to your supplier everyday in the morning pick out the supplies and delivery to the restaurants, if you only have 10 restaurants to delivery… it only going take you a few hours, if you plan your route…IN the afternoon visit more restaurants with your ingredients menu, with special package prices…At least visit 1 a day, think about it…How easier it is to earn more then $5.000 a month with a few hours work…or any products that you can provide delivery services you can think off, is the cheapest offline investment business that can grow fast…

Do Your POP…and You Ready to GO…

To be a Middle man, all you have to remember is to put two needs together…and narrow down with each need, to get your plan…

Just an idea, it all start with an idea…keep expanding slowly and you will have a better life in long run…

For Today class I have prepare 7 Audios from my collection, listen to them and write down all the idea you get from the conversation in the audios…to find marketing ideas for your business…

And here a eBook to read about conversation, to Brand yourself it start with a conversation…

How To Make Great Conversation & Small Talk

That’s it for today I hope you like today Information…

Latest Update: This is Going to Be YOUR NEW Sub-Domain Landing Page: Example / JV Members Area will be completing at the same time…More Information Coming 10 June 2023

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