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Part 13: Chapter 7 / Introduction “the Creative Writing Course”

Nice to hear from you and welcome to our FREE First Steps in our “JV Blogger Guides Package” Basic Creative writing course – We are offering the first Course “Basic Creative writing course” FREE…To Let you Get the basic ideals about blogging…Writing Steps you need…

You can do the lessons at any time which suits you. We realize all of you have different time constraints to do the course. Therefore please feel free to do each lesson at your own pace.

I have had many participants (follower) from all over the world since starting the first course about Blogging 2 years ago; however I am committed to responding to almost every submission. I have put my own eBooks aside to give my undivided attention, time and energies to this course. I do appreciate hearing from you and reading your comments about my work. I believe everyone has a story to tell within themselves… just waiting for the time and opportunity… but most of all, we have to have the drive and dedication to get it down on paper.

I firmly believe we can use all our experiences in life to our benefit (financially and otherwise), but most of all to reach out and touch others. That is what I have tried to do in my blog and my guides.

We all have unique styles and individual ways of getting our messages across – sharing through the written word.. You give me the inspiration to keep developing the course, so that we can all learn and grow from each others life experiences.- through sharing and interacting (big word, eh!). It’s through YOUR participation and submissions that make this online writing course worthwhile. Phew! .. Well, your turn now…

Hope this helps you in stimulating your creative juices, and I look forward to hearing from you again soon. I’m sure we’ll have fun getting to know each other and learning from one another as we go along the course.

“Whatever, you want to do or dream you can do, the hardest part is making a beginning. Once you take that first step in following your passion, the rest will follow naturally … and lead to who known’s where.” — me-

How it Works and What Next!
Great you have made it this far! Well this Course is taste for our main courses.

The complete Guides come with Homework Assignment and advice with encouragement.

Lesson 1: Introduction What is creative writing?

I believe ALL writing is creative (a nice short sentence to get the ball rolling).
Journalism is a different form of writing in that it merely reports the facts of a particular event.
However, I believe even journalism can fall under the banner of creative writing; because it still utilizes one’s imagination in HOW you choose to report an event and the style you choose to write in (more on style coming up in a later lesson).
Journalism is meant to be completely objective, yet often the biases of reporters come through in their writing.
It is very hard to avoid that.
To be a published writer is one of the most rewarding occupations and pastimes – both financially and creatively.
I find it a very satisfying and enjoyable activity.

What do you want out of this writing course?
A few points please!
I can’t teach you how to write, let alone how to be a writer.
I don’t have all the answers.
All I can do is give you some tips and guidelines that I’ve learnt over the years (starting from the beginning of my writing “career” with writing “stirring” letter, which hopefully will make it a lot easier…
if that is what you really want to do.
They are all based on what I have learnt by doing it myself – usually through the long process of trial and error.
I hope this information is interesting and helpful to you in your quest to become a writer (Blogger) and getting published in your blog.

Firstly (and most importantly)…
There are no ABC’s in writing – there is no set formula, which guarantees success.
Everyone is a unique individual with their own gifts: their experiences, perspectives and highly individual style of writing.

I believe having the ability to put words down on paper is only the beginning to writing.
There is a great deal more to be learned on the techniques, which I’ve developed over the years. Hopefully, by the end of this course, you’ll be able to look back and see how much your writing has progressed.

We all have our own particular style of writing. As you’ll see, I use a particular style in this course, however the style in my novels is completely different. In this course I try to inform and entertain at the same time, through “light, breezy” writing (no wind, please!).

My main aim in this course is to help develop your unique style of putting words to paper, as well as giving you some practical tips that I’ve learnt (especially from writing full-time for the last few years).
I believe that writing courses and workshops can improve your writing as a Blogger – as long as the basic talent, your gift is there. Online courses through the internet can be a great educational tool (at a greatly reduced cost). Well I have to say that, don’t I?

All writing courses can help develop your skills  by enhancing your creative powers, if you have the DESIRE to learn and grow.
I hope this course does the same for you.

Why do you want to be a writer (Blogger)?

What is your biggest motive you think?
Write a few sentences on this to clarify your thinking and give you something to aim for in your writing.
For example do you want to write for pleasure or for profit… or perhaps both
I find writing my thoughts down, focusses my thinking.

What are your attitudes to writing and what are your writing ambitions? What would you like to achieve in the future?

It’s fine for your writing ambitions to change over time. Mine have changed drastically, as well as my “styles”; however right from the start I only wanted to write for publication.

For example, you might just want to “dabble” in a bit of writing for your own eyes, for pleasure; then  write items for close friends or family members. Then a few years down the track, you might decide that you want to write articles on your particular hobby for magazines – for MONEY. Wow! Later perhaps even a book, as I believe we all have a tale to tell deep within us.

Write briefly (a paragraph or two) in answer to this question.
A few words on this subject, please. What kind of writer do you want to be?
Do you want to write for pleasure and/or for profit?
I believe if you write for pleasure,  you’ll be happy doing what you like… and it often leads to profit naturally.

Because when you do something you are good at, it gives you enjoyment (or when you enjoy
some activity you become better at it).
This can often lead to financial rewards.
Many top writers and other artists (yes, it is an art) earn very good money from doing what they love.
You’ve done well to get so far.

So take time out for a coffee break or a puff (no weed please! LOL…)
Back to “work”…

What special skills, strengths and unique life experiences do you have to write about?
Do you think they are likely to be of interest to the readers out there?
I first starting writing , because I thought  through my sharing of some unusual life experiences  I may be able to help others in similar situations. My first manuscript (not yet published releasing December 10 2022) was on “How To Write A Profitable Blog In 90 Days or Less… GUARANTEED!!

Incidentally, the internet is a wonderful medium for instantly reaching people throughout the world. So we can all use the internet to build a better world. That is one of my missions.

Write something on your areas of interest, hobbies and most importantly, your passions.
What DRIVES you? Ford, Chevrolet or Mitsubishi?
I’m a very passionate type of person, so get driven to write about my passions- one of which is helping people (lucky you!).
In this internet writing course I hope to help you build on your natural writing talent by encouraging with positive and constructive advice (are they the same words?) .

What it takes to be a writer (Blogger)?
Write down the personal qualities you think are most essential to success.
What do you believe is the single most important one?
Now that you’ve done that, here are my thoughts…

Writing is probably the world’s most solitary occupation. No wonder I’ve gone a trifle insane, stuck here writing. But then, aren’t the weirdest people those who think they are “normal”. Anyway, what’s normal? My dear mother often used to say to me the craziest people were those out of the “looney bin” (most un -PC, but I can say it, cos it’s MY course). Enough digression… Stick to the point – the first rule of good writing!… but you can break the rules occasionally (story of my life).

What personal qualities do you need to be a writer?
I think some of the most important ones are:
Confidence (use rejections to improve your writing by analyzing what you could do better)

I believe that writing is a skill, which like other artistic skills, you can learn and develop with practice.
Just like an artist, sportsman, potter or artisan, the more you write, the better you will become.
Confidence breeds confidence and success breeds success.

So write as often as you can, whenever you feel like it.
I definitely feel that my writing abilities have improved dramatically in the last five long years since I have totally dedicated myself to the pursuit.
I do not think that an aspiring writer needs any special educational qualifications or background to be a writer.

Writers come from all walks of life and from totally different backgrounds. It doesn’t matter where in the world you are,  big city or “hick town”, you can write and share your thoughts, feelings and experiences.
Because writing is a relatively easy and inexpensive pursuit to get into, nearly everyone has the same opportunities to partake (nice word that, ‘partake’. Must try to use it more often.).

Look at me, my writing career had better work, otherwise I’m totally “stuffed”!
A bit about my strange writing background (in case you are interested)…

My family and Friends always said that I shouldn’t write or blog, they said there was no money in journalism or become a Blogger…

However, how far you go (does that sound right?) with your creative writing will largely depend upon your own creative talent, IMAGINATION and application, i.e.. your ATTITUDE. For more on this subject see my blog post on motivation.
Also how much you really DESIRE to be a writer and what commitment and sacrifices you are prepared to make.

DETERMINATION and PERSISTENCE more than anything else will get you there.
Plus big doses of IMAGINATION, of course.
I believe that most people will find abundant amounts of these qualities within them.
If you look hard enough within yourself and are really tested to create.
But only once people have found what it is that they really want to do with their lives.
I’ve written plenty about following ones dreams in my blog “STEPS TO SUCCESS, PROSPERITY and HAPPINESS” already.
Hopefully then there’ll be more writers around in the future.
You’ve done well to get so far.
Enough on that subject and you’ve worked hard . Slav driver!
Still aboard and ready for lesson two Tomorrow.

For your homework today…
Write down “why you want to be a writer (Blogger)”.

Thanks for joining Me. It’s a pleasure to have you in the “class” and I’m sure we’ll have a lot of fun working together and getting to know each other better. Hope you stay sane with my weird sense of humor…

Happy Writing, see you tomorrow for Lesson 2: Making a writer out of you

Yours Sincerely,

Keng Ten

Lesson 3: Making A Better Writer Out Of You

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