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I decided to Release the Full Package Guides with Everything you need to start profiting so that you can cut down the learning process and Start Profiting and achieve GOALS a lot Quicker…

Discover How to Produce Profit-Pulling “Viral Article” Mini-Sites in Minutes!


Dear friend,

If you’d like to publish viral articles online but have no HTML skills, then this is the most important letter you will read today!

Here’s why:

I’m about to reveal how you, or anyone else for that matter, can instantly generate high-quality viral article mini-sites that will attract prospects and search engines like crazy – even if you are a complete Internet newbie!

It’s Time to Get the “Free Advertising” You Deserve!

More and more Internet marketers are turning to write viral articles – that is, articles that anyone can reprint and use provided they also print the author’s resource box – to get free advertising for their businesses.

What many don’t know is that most viral articles never reach their intended audience due to anti-spam filters and article theft.

Unfortunately, there hasn’t been much that marketers could do about either of these problems … until now, that is!

The x10tv PLR Viral Article Producer Profits Solution Package!

This amazing program allows anyone – no matter what their programming experience – to easily create viral article web pages or mini-sites.

These mini-sites are a great way to get around spam filters and theft and get your articles out to the public!

Now You Can Publish Your Articles Online Immediately … Which is Vitally Important

Considering Content is Still
King on the Internet!

Let me ask you a quick question: “What are people searching for on search engines every day?”

They are searching for good, high-quality content – and each day, thousands upon thousands of content searches are being made.

That’s why it is so important for you to be able to get your articles out on the web fast. Creating mini-sites featuring good solid fresh content is simply the best way to start drawing traffic and increase your sales!

You can use your viral article mini-sites to:

·        Attract thousands upon thousands of highly targeted visitors and leads from the world’s top search engines

  • Increase sales of a product or affiliate product by creating high-value follow-up series
  • Transform your pages into an authority hub by providing users and search engines with fresh content about your product, service, and/or niche
  • Establish yourself as an expert in your field – these well-written will make you appear to be the expert that prospects should go to when they have a question in your niche or every time they need to research something!
  • And much, much more!

You Can Even Start Earning Money With Your Mini-Sites By Adding Affiliate Ads to the Pages!

That’s right, you can earn extra revenue by simply adding affiliate ads code to your viral article mini-sites!

By including an affiliate ads code in every online article that you publish, you will automatically create revenue streams that send extra cash into your bank account 24/7.

This is Your Chance to Start Easily Publishing Online the Laser-Targeted Articles You Need to Grow Your Business & Explode Your Profits!

One of the biggest challenges online marketers face today is getting good content up on the web.

  • Maybe right now you are sitting in front of your computer for HOURS struggling to format an article – if so, you should realize that you are wasting precious time that you could be using to do other important things, such as increase sales and grow your business!
  • Or maybe you submit articles to sites only to see them later with someone else’s resource box!
  • Or maybe you aren’t ever seeing your articles because they were blocked by a spam filter!

If any of the above is true for you, you should know that you are not alone and that you have come to the right place.

Thanks to the x10tv PLR Viral Article Producer that gets all the content ready for you, so you can stop wasting countless hours working IN your online business (that is, trying to find some articles that related to each other so that you can start formatting content and trying to get it published) and have more time working ON your online business (that is, marketing your blog to increasing followers and affiliate sales).

The Viral Article Generator is a convenient way to format and publish high-quality articles today.

Here is more of what this powerful program will do for you:

  • Quickly increase your traffic and sales by getting your content online – so other Blogger publishers can begin sharing your viral articles and eBooks, you can just sit back and watch your traffic and profits soar!
  • Reuse existing content – I will show you how to use Viral Article Producer to make it easy to recycle and rework existing content and post it online … saving you time and money!
  • Copy existing articles into the template I have created for you – and immediately convert them to HTML!
  • Save your viral articles in different formats – to ensure your articles get through spam filters, HTML is the suggested format but this program will also allow you to save your articles in other formats as well, including text and more, so you can send them as email attachments!
  • Turn private rights articles and eBooks into mini-sites – and get content online before your competition knows what hit them!
  • I will show you how to use the private rights articles and eBooks on your blog, to turn them into storytelling marketing content that your visitors would come back for more…
  • And much, much more!

It’s time to put this program to work for you … It’s time that you started working smarter, not harder … It’s time for you to achieve the personal and financial freedom you’ve always wanted.

So Are You Ready For it…?

Look at just a few of the many benefits that come from using the x10tv PLR Viral Article Producer program:

  • Quickly and easily generate viral article mini-sites that will draw your prospect’s and search engines’ attention!
  • Use the article mini-sites to generate Ads profits and affiliate commissions!
  • Receive more frequent spidering and ranking by search engines that give preference to sites that have fresh content!
  • Generate free, unlimited traffic!
  • Receive more frequent visits from people who appreciate up-to-date content!
  • Use the article mini-sites to gain instant credibility and guru status, which will help boost your sales conversions
  • And much, much more!

Remember in today’s competitive Internet marketplace, you need every advantage you can get and the Viral Article Producer is a great way to ensure you don’t spend too much time on your articles and too little time growing your online business.

So what are you waiting for?

Start Using our PLR Products and Download x10tv Viral Article Producer Package Now!

Let me ask you:

How much would you expect to pay for a tool that could save you time and help you grow your business?

Certainly, in today’s competitive marketplace, even $200 would not be unreasonable … but relax you won’t have to pay nearly that much for my Viral Article Producer Package.

Right now, for a limited time, you can take advantage of a special promotional offer and receive the Viral Article Producer for just $97that’s a full $50 off the regular price of $147!

I know I have promised you that I will do it for FREE…

But a lot of the eBooks and software That I don’t have the giveaway RIGHT…

The Only Way I can do it, is to package them together with my x10tv FTP Hosting Package

FOR ONLY $25… after a year…YOU ONLY PAID $2 Per Month…for the FTP Hosting Services Package

YOU WILL need it for your mini sites and Link Cloaking business, which you can start right away, Creating multiple incomes and 100% Profit with YOUR OWN Link Cloaking business…

If you don’t know what the Link Cloaking business is about click here for more info

This is a Special Limited Time Offer!

ONLY 3000 spots per Language and country will be shared at JV.x10tv.com

Profits Per Blog Only Share with the 3,000 JV Blogger that Activate the Account First

more information in the Guides

Also, with my immediate download feature, you can have the Viral Article Producer up and running on your computer in just minutes from now!

(Installation May take up to 72 hours after purchase, depending on how many installations I have to do)

What is included in x10tv FTP Hosting Package?

Even if you have never earned any money from the Internet before, it’s going to be incredibly easy to do. Just follow the simple instructions I going to provide with the package.

And by taking advantage of my guides, which you be able to see instant profits within weeks, you will also enjoy the following benefits that include in the x10tv FTP Hosting package:

  1. You Get 1G FTP hosting services (If you need more space, For your hosting, it is ONLY $1 per month for Every extra 1 G hosting service)
  2. You Get 1 x10tv.com Sub-Domain
  3. You Get x10tv.com SSL Certificate secure protection
  4. You Get 1 admin email address with your sub-domain
  5. Your site will be shared at JV.x10tv.com
  6. You can have your advertise here page at JV.x10tv.com and rotate at our advertise here page
  7. Come with x10tv PLR Articles
  8. Come with PLR eBooks
  9. Come with Reseller Right eBooks
  10. Come with 24 Minisite Templates
  11. Ad Unit Rotation Click Tracker Pro
  12. Easy Multiple Code Installer Pro
  13. Web Graphics Collection
  14. Instant Article Page Template Builder
  15. Magic Banner Link Cloaking Scripts
  16. and Bones MY Full Life Time Update Profits Solution Guides
  17. and more…

MY Full Life Time Update Profits Solution Guides

What you will learn with x10tv Latest Version Guides:

  • How to Expand your blog
  • What to Expand
  • When to Expand
  • How to create multiple profits
  • How to create content on your blog, that your visitors and guess want more
  • How to make use of your PLR Articles and eBooks
  • How to make use of all the products in the FTP Hosting package to the maximum benefits
  • Viral Marketing your Blog
  • When to refer products that will protect you
  • and more…

Plus, Act Now & You’ll Receive My LIFETIME UPDATE and Free Installation 
You’ve Got Absolutely Nothing to Lose!

You Get Everything you need to succeed online

Give it “THREE FULL MONTHS to put this program to the test!

I don’t think I can be any fairer than that. Either start generating high-quality viral article mini-sites instantly and Start Profiting or wait for one day until your get LUCKY to WIN a LOTTERY!

You do have nothing to lose! Just Invest YOUR TIME…and BE PATIENT…YOU SEE THE RESULT…

Plus, don’t forget, if you order the Viral Article Producer, you can take advantage of my lifetime guides and benefit from them. 

Get the Viral Article Producer X10TV FTP Hosting Package &

Put Yourself on the Fast Track to Online Business Success!

You Don’t Want to Miss this opportunity, I going to show you all the tricks That I haven’t use it yet on my blogs till everyone are ready…

Releasing On December 10 2022

YOURS Sincerely,

Keng Ten


P.S. Remember my special introductory offer won’t last long. Receive the Viral Article Producer for just $25 before it is too late!

Earnings Disclaimer
Although we provide powerful tools which can help boost website income, the results are dependent on many factors outside our control, including of course the quality and nature of your traffic. We are not therefore able to give any guarantees about the level of income that you will attain by using this program. 

Success All Depends on HOW SMART YOU WORK ON IT

Remember to Come Back on December 10, 2022 GRAP the Viral Article Producer X10TV FTP Hosting Package for the Latest Version to Profits online…

Part 13: Chapter 7 Read This info to See You are Ready to Be a Blogger before investing your time in it

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