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Part 13 / Chapter 4…New Update for JV Blogger Mega Cash Team Program

FREE JV Blogger: Level 1 and 2 Get Free Traffics and Profits…

I hope by now you should have the basic ideal of what the JV Blogger Mega Cash Team Program is…

I just going to go through the steps with the New Update…for this post…Click Here…To get the basic ideas first Before Reading the UPDATES HERE

New Quick Start Up Kits Update


JV Members that don’t like writing or having a blog still can do it and profit together…with the x10tv ad package…

Our NEW JV member x10tv.com Sub-Domain Start-Up Package…All You Need to Get Started…

Get advertising profits for every Bookmark static ad package Sold

Here is the NEW First UPDATE release Ad Package that all Joint Venture Bloggers can profit from…Click Here to Check It Out…So You Know How It Works…

You Can Link Cloak x10tv.com, JV.x10tv.com, or Your My.x10tv.com and Start Profiting…By Putting the Guides Together…All you do is get your sub-domain by using the my.x10tv.com ad credits, when you complete Level 1 and request to link cloak on one of x10tv.com blogs, at my.x10tv.com member assign credits area and follow the instruction on this page to create your advertising page and payment page with your FREE PayPal merchant account…And start referring to your link cloak page…

Your Advertise Here Page will be Rotate evenly at JV.x10tv.com Blog “Advertiser Here” Page, with All JV Blogger that link cloak JV.x10tv.com Blog with x10tv.com sub-domain

Minimum Requirement Note: Require to do a minimum of 1 research RSS Feed post per week, 3 clicks per day at JV.x10tv.com disclaimer page, and tell 1 person a day about how easy they can do research for what they are looking for with up-to-date research information at JV.x10tv.com. By using your x10tv.com link cloak sub-domain, “YOUR-USERNAME.x10tv.com”.

It will be nice if you can add some content to it, and you can add your author feed to all your post at JV.x10tv.com, to get more visits to all your posts, which will gain more Banner impressions for your Advertising Traffics Exchange program at all Joint Venture Blogger Members blog and blog post at JV.x10tv.com.

Please be honest and do your part, remember we all are partners…

Your my.x10tv.com refer to link (Replace “Your-Username” with your username): You can get more promotion tools at my.x10tv.com JV members area…


Get Ad activation credits for completing each Level.

First Sign in to Your Member area and additive Member Level 1 follow the instruction at the JV Member area

NEW JV Blogger Bonus Downline Activation FEE Incentive.

10 x 10 incentive Bonus from your downline purchase x10tv.com activation credits.

If any of your direct refer team members purchase the x10tv.com activation credits, you get $2.50 and can collect $0.25 from any of your team member-members that purchase the ad activation credits…(10 x 10 levels, you get the bonus incentive on each spot fill, in each level till it reaches 10 levels) Only on purchase credits, NOT on ASSIGNED CREDITS…

NOTE: Remember that’s “NO CASH VALUE”, ONLY incentive in x10tv.com activation credits.

Example: every $1 you collect, worth 100 x10tv.com activation credits

I hope you like the NEW BONUS Incentive program

Instructions for using JV Blogs Directory

1) Click on the Purchase Position(s) link to Start Your Level 1 position in the JV Blogger company matrix.

2) To check your Referral and earning stats click on Stats.

3) Click on Matrix Positions link to view the stats of each position.

4) Click on the With-drawl link to Transfer your Bonus incentive earnings to x10tv Ad Activation Credits.

5) Click on Promotional Center and here you will find the ads and banners that you can use for promoting JV Blogs Directory.

6) Click on Banner Advertisement to submit or update your 150×150 Banner Ad that you want to be rotated throughout our JV Blogger member website…you share your offer to JV Members

7) Click on Assign Credit (FOR JV MEMBERS ONLY) to submit Ad Activation Credits / to assign credits to x10tv services, products, and ad activation fee…You Can Not Assign Ad Activation Credit to Your own Advertising ad package purchase at any of the x10tv.com ad Offers, only through your upline…Discount Code Require…(ONLY Activation for…the ad package you sold)

8) Click on the Bonus link to get the Difference Level of bonuses and Guides, when you complete each level, for joining JV Blogs Directory.

9) Click on the Profile link to update your profile.

10) Click on the Submit Testimonials link to submit your valuable testimonials. (YOUR testimonials Can Help us ALL Joint Venture Blogger Members)

Note: This “Advertiser Here Page” is rotated evenly with all JV Blogger Members that Link cloak with the x10tv.com sub-domain with your own advertise here page at JV.x10tv.com Blogger Blog.

How to Add Your “Advertiser Here” Page at JV.x10tv.com

Click Here to JV Member Guess Post Page and Follow Instruction, it easy Just copy and Paste to create your advertiser here page…

Team Leader Manager: Level 3 Expanding your profits

Get profits from FTP accounts from links to cloak software./ 7500 credits for 200MB / 1 link cloak only take less than 15 kb / with link cloak scripts / only can use for link cloak Folder and files…So that you can offer link cloak services for your blog, like lists of title pages and another affiliate program…(Please Do Not Link cloak others websites without permission, you can link cloak from your blog first then navigate to other websites, with your link cloak link follow…(It ok to link cloak the affiliate program you referring)

You can also link cloak my reseller right products, that will be released in the future…(when I decide or think is worth selling)… You can make 100% Profit, without owning it…(Just Planning…)

New Updates coming guides on How to profit from linking your articles lists at YOUR BLOG…Releasing Oct 25 / 2022 / at My.x10tv.com Level 3 members area…

Read Part 13: Chapter 5 / How to Use Lists Marketing to Create Fresh Content for Your Blog

Admin: Level 4 PARTNER WITH US, to Achieve Goals Together…

What Am I going to do when I Achieve MY Admin Team leader Level, and what I should do with My FREE New x10tv Ad unit PRO 5 WP Blog…?



I have to KNOW What You Need

LOL…I will give you the guides to follow, on how to Run Our Country Joint Venture Blog with YOUR LOCAL JV BLOGGER TEAM…

When you get to Admin Team Leader and partner up with your team…You, your admin partner, and the whole team will decide what kinds of blog directory suits your team…Like, Assign Duties…To Each Group…

The “Advertiser Here Page”, will be shared and rotated evenly with all your team members, you and me only…Everyone gets paid the same, we all are partners, it doesn’t matter which level you are in, the group level is just how we assign Duties for each group…The only difference being an admin team leader is you get to pay an activation fee, for maintaining the Blog…When you get to the admin team leader position, which means all your team member Leader Position is filled, and NO More Recruiting is needed…

ONLY 1 Admin Partner position for 1 Country’s Blog, who completes Admin Team Leader cycles…To get it for FREE…and able to earn an activation Fee…

OUR JV Blogger Country Blog Directory…It is Free for the First Year…and after that it is only $10 a month, for our hosting services, Domain Name, and SSL Certificate, that we all JV Admin Partners are using to maintain our services to the public, which I think is fair for all joint venture partners that participate in our program, to share this expanse… You Keep 100% Profits on every ad package you sold on your blog…You only share the JV Blogger activation fee with me and JV Members…You Keep 50% and I get 30% and 20% of it into the MY.x10tv.com Activation Fee incentive…Which is $25 for Activation…You Keep $12.50 and Paid Me $12.50, which I will add $5 to the incentive pay plan…For ALL JV BLOGGER MEMBERS (YOU ONLY PAY ME BY X10TV INCENTIVE CREDITS)

Have to be a Citizen of that country, which is the JV Country Blog you be representing…

First Get Connected with YOUR LOCAL members and bloggers, and build a team.

Information and Guilds to achieve Goals are provided…Only for JV ADMIN TEAM LEADER…

Start Building Your Team, while I am still testing and arranging the program, to make sure everything works perfectly before releasing it to you…

Don’t worry if you didn’t make it to the admin partner position, before someone…Anyone that didn’t make it for that country category, can still join the venture partner with the admin of that country…

NOTE: When someone gets to the country admin position, the recruiting for that country stop when it reaches more than 3,000 Joint Venture partners…For THAT Country…

JOINT Venture with X10tv.com Before It is TOO LATE…Be The First Admin Partners Team Leader

Click the Banner Below To Reserve Your Spot and Sub-domain

Your my.x10tv.com refer link (Replace “Your-Username” with your username):


JV Blogger Country Blog Directory will be Released on Dec 25, 2022…Marry Christmas and Happy New Year…

A program that you can start right away, without being a JV ADMIN TEAM LEADER…

Limited for 1 Blog per language

Language JV Blogger Partner Library Blog will be released at the same time, is a paid version that your blog will be shared at x10tv.com and JV.x10tv.com…To Help you achieve your Goals Faster…Come with Guides…Something like x10tv.com, that you can profit from Google AdSense and our JV Blogger Program…You Keep 100% of Profits on all ad Campagna on your Language JV Blogger Partner Library blog…But Not the activation fee for other JV Blogger Blog Programs…You still have to pay for the activation FEE for any ad Campagna that you sold for others JB Blog Directory…Still Under Construction

Happy Promoting from the staff at JV Blogs Directory...Keng Ten (admin)

Read Part 13: Chapter 5 / How to Use Lists Marketing to Create Fresh Content for Your Blog

Part 9: Lists of Information to Help You Success in YOUR Online Business Journeys

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