Review about New Release STARLINK High-speed, low latency broadband internet

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What is Starlink about…?

Note: Don’t Have enough information about Starlink to research yet, most of the content is from the Starlink website, but I do found a YouTube video about how Starlink’s internet performance to share in this Post…

STARLINK Provide High-speed, low latency broadband internet Services

STARLINK High-speed, low latency broadband internet

Starlink is now delivering initial beta service both domestically and internationally and will continue expansion to near-global coverage of the populated world in 2021.

During the beta, users can expect to see data speeds vary from 50Mb/s to 150Mb/s and latency from 20ms to 40ms in most locations over the next several months as they enhance the Starlink system. There will also be brief periods of no connectivity at all.

As Starlink launch more satellites, install more ground stations and improve their networking software, data speed, latency and uptime will improve dramatically.

Starlink is Easy to set up

Your Starlink Kit arrives with everything you need to get online including your Starlink, Wi-Fi router, power supply, cables, and mounting tripod.

Perfect for Gaming: Low latency = video calls & online gaming

Latency is the time it takes to send data from one point to the next. When satellites are far from Earth, latency is high, resulting in poor performance for activities like video calls and online gaming.

Starlink satellites are over 60 times closer to Earth than traditional satellites, resulting in lower latency and the ability to support services typically not possible with traditional satellite internet.

Perfect Ideal for rural + remote communities

Starlink is ideally suited for areas of the globe where connectivity has typically been a challenge. Unbounded by traditional ground infrastructure, Starlink can deliver high-speed broadband internet to locations where access has been unreliable or completely unavailable.

For More Information and review, watch the following video about Starlink internet performance…


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