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Dominate YouTube

For all kinds of marketers and businesses, YouTube is one of the most underrated platforms for reaching a massive audience and gaining more fans and followers.

Of course, everyone knows what YouTube is: it’s the video-sharing platform owned by Google that you can use to upload videos, watch other people’s videos and comment on videos, or subscribe to your favorite creators. What many people don’t realize though is just how massive YouTube is.

YouTube has over one billion users and nearly a third of all people online have signed up for it. Every single day, people watch hundreds of millions of hours of content. Through mobile alone, YouTube manages to reach more people between 18-49 than any cable TV network in the US.

YouTube is actually the second biggest search engine in the world. This is huge because it means that you can get almost as much traffic from YouTube as you can from Google. But unlike Google, YouTube is all about the video which gives you the option to really engage your viewers in a more powerful way. 

Video is fantastic for marketing because it grabs attention and is highly engaging. What’s more, is that video can get a point across much more quickly and efficiently than an article can.

Have you have ever been talking to someone but not really listening because you can’t stop staring at the television behind them?

Have you ever stayed up all night watching a TV program that you don’t really have any interest in?

Have you ever cried during an advert?

These are all examples of the kind of impact video has that written content just can’t come close to. YouTube provides this and gives you access to a gigantic audience of web users. What’s more, is that it comes with in-build social-media-like tools that let people subscribe to your content and that helps you to spread your media across Google+ and a plethora of other platforms.

Forget paying through the nose to create an advert on a TV channel. With YouTube, you can have your own channel and it’s completely free!

Finally, it’s also important to understand the impact that a YouTube video can have on the perception your audience has of your business. People are naturally impressed with video content because it’s something that they don’t know how to create themselves. This is especially true if your video content also happens to be of high quality with very high production values.

Ultimately, anyone can make a website or add some content to Facebook. But NOT anyone can create a stunning business video that looks professional, has high definition footage, great music, and an excellent script.

Why Aren’t More Businesses Using YouTube?

So with all this in mind, the question becomes: why aren’t more companies using YouTube? After all, this is a way to gain access to a huge audience and to make a very strong impression – all without spending a dime.

The problem is twofold.

A) A lot of people simply don’t know enough about YouTube. They don’t know how it works and they don’t realize just how big it really is.

B) People assume that creating a video with high production values will be difficult and/or expensive.

In this post, you’ll learn not only how to get seen by millions of people through YouTube but also how to create stunning, high-quality videos that look like they were made by a professional production studio.

What’s more, is that you’ll see just how easy this can be and how you can do it without spending any more cash on expensive equipment, software or anything else.

Chapter 1 – Treat it Like a Business

The first and most important key to understanding how you can make a lot of money from YouTube is to recognize that you have to treat YouTube as a business. This is actually one of the key things to learn in a range of different areas relating to internet marketing – including blogging.

The problem is that a lot of people think they can just sign up for YouTube, post a few videos and then enjoy massive success.

It just doesn’t work like that.

A lot of people have managed to make a full time living from YouTube ads alone and these celebrity ‘vloggers’ enjoy fame and a healthy income as a reward for all their hard work. But if you listen to any of them talk about their business, they’ll tell you that it’s hard and that they spend a lot of time on their videos.

In other words, you definitely shouldn’t become a vlogger if your aim is to make a lot of money doing very little. This is not a ‘get rich quick scheme’ by any means and it’s also not an easy ride. These people work very hard and if you want to be successful, then you’ll have to work very hard too.

If you want to make YouTube your full-time job, then you need to treat it like a full-time job. That means you need to work full-time hours and you need to put in the effort.

The Power of Volume

The way you’re going to do this is by posting regularly and sharing just as much.

If you post one video and it gets 10 views that day, then you might think of that as a failure. But if you post another video tomorrow and another video the next day and they all get 10 views for 10 days straight, you’ve now been seen by 100 people. That’s 100 potential customers and if you’re selling an e-commerce product from your store, you might well expect to make one sale.

But more importantly, a good proportion of those 100 viewers might subscribe. This then means that the second video won’t get 10 views, it will get 12. And the 10th video will probably get at least 20 – as long as the video is good.

And eventually, you’re likely to ‘get lucky’. That means someone will probably Share your video somewhere where it can get seen by a lot of people, or you will get lucky with your SEO and create a video that goes straight to the top of the search results.

One bit of luck like that and you can suddenly find yourself getting more like 1,000 views or 3,000 views per video.

But it’s not really luck. You made your own luck here by consistently posting new content and by not giving up because the first video wasn’t successful.

And this is a relatively pessimistic view. If you keep putting out content regularly, if you do it well and if you’re smart about it – then you’re bound to get exposure.

This all becomes even more effective if you are also being just as smart about the way you’re posting to social media and promoting yourself. If you post your videos to Facebook every single time you create one, then you’re creating more opportunities to get seen. If you do the same on Twitter and if you show off your videos in online communities (like Reddit) you can gain more exposure still.

Once again, the more you do this, the more you will accumulate new fans, and the more the chance you’ll have of getting a big break.

In short, it all comes down to the amount of work you’re willing to put in. If you treat this as your job and if you invest a decent amount of time, money, and effort into it – you will have a high chance of seeing real ROI.

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Professional Quality Video

What goes along with treating YouTube as a business, is creating very high-quality videos. It’s not enough to film something on your phone in poor lighting and with no script and then to think ‘that will do’. If you do this, then your videos will look low quality, and even if you make enough for them to get seen, they might actually have the precise opposite impact on what you were intending.

Creating high-quality videos aren’t necessarily easy but it is easier than you might imagine. You don’t need to be Steven Spielberg and you don’t even necessarily need expensive equipment. Here are some tips that will help you to make the best quality videos possible without breaking the bank…

The Best Camera

The quality of your footage is one of the most important factors that will define how professional your videos eventually look. The surprising part though is that this doesn’t mean you have to spend lots of money.

As long as your video is 1080p, then it will be high enough for most uses on YouTube. Today, most cameras that record video will record 1080p so you don’t need to spend a lot of money.

And in fact, most phone cameras are capable of recording footage in high definition. Any Samsung from a Note 4 and higher will even be able to record in 4K with 60fps. (60fps is a nice bonus but not a requirement.)

The main limitations for camera phones really revolve around the ability to autofocus and also to record sound. The former issue might just mean you need to stay in one place, whereas the latter means you’ll need to invest in a small device such as a lapel mic. These are very cheap but will allow you to record audio at a much closer range and with much higher quality. Audio quality too often goes overlooked and is actually one of the most important factors for making a good impression with your content.

Lighting and Set

What’s also important is where you are going to be filming. If you’re filming somewhere very busy with a lot going on around you, then this can make your video difficult to hear while at the same time distracting from the subject of the videos – you.

Likewise, if you record your videos in your bedroom, then this isn’t going to look very professional and it doesn’t exactly inspire faith in your audience! 

Instead, then, try to find somewhere to record your videos that will look professional, and that will provide a good backdrop. Standing in front of a completely white background is one option and can be accomplished easily enough by using a bedsheet and a desk lamp (shine this onto the sheet to remove any shadows). Make sure the bedsheet is pulled taut.

Take a look at the videos by I Am Alpha M and you’ll notice they look very professional. All he uses is a wall that’s painted entirely dark grey to create that effect.

Otherwise, an office (even a home office) can work, or you can make your own set. If you watch the videos of NerdSync, then you’ll notice that they are recorded in front of some comics hung up against a wall. This is very simple but it looks great. You can even just print out an A3 image of your logo and use that!

To make this effect even more impressive, try using ‘macro mode’ on your camera. This will let you focus on the foreground (which will be you), while the background is somewhat blurred. Not only does this look very professional but it also further avoids what’s going on in the background from distracting from your great presentation skills.

In fact, using this technique you can actually get away with filming outside at the beach or at a park, or perhaps in front of a city skyline. Just try to make sure that wherever you do the film, it fits with the tone and intention of your video and helps to say something about your topic – rather than just being distracting, out of place or forced.

There are a bunch of other things you can do as well to make your videos look better. One great example is to use colored lighting, such as the lighting you can create with the Philips Hue. This can lend an ethereal quality to your footage and make it stand out among the crowd.

And speaking of lighting – make sure your face is lit well throughout. What you’re going for here is brightness as the dark video will look grainy and will also appear lower quality. You can invest in professional tools to accomplish the lighting look you’re going for but actually what’s just as effective is to use natural lighting. This works best if you stand/sit adjacent to the light source so that it lights just one side of your face. This is called ‘Rembrandt’ lighting and it’s particularly flattering.

And speaking of that – make sure that what you’re wearing and your general presentation is also top-notch. Don’t just roll out of bed and start filming with your bed hair!

Storyboarding, Editing, and Scripting

One of the things that are going to impact most on your success is the storyboarding and the script. You can have the best quality footage in the world but if what you’re saying isn’t engaging and you don’t edit out the mistakes, then no one is going to watch it.

Watching other videos can help you to make your own videos a little more impressive and professional. Watch some of the most popular YouTubers and see what works for them – you’ll notice that a lot of them use lots of short cuts, they speak in short blocks and they move around on the screen.

Doing this allows you to memorize short passages of the script, read them to the camera, move and repeat. You can then keep cutting from one clip to the next and the video will have more energy and dynamism than if you just sat in one place and read it in one go.

Try to be outgoing and animated as you’re speaking and almost ‘act’ what you’re saying rather than reading it. Some of your emoting will be lost in translation, so try to be bigger and louder than you normally would be.

When filming, make sure to leave enough quiet space that you can more easily edit. At the same time though, keep your editing tight so that there are no awkward pauses or silences.

Script-wise, the best approach is going to depend on what you’re trying to accomplish. But that said, try to engage your audience quickly with a narrative structure and get your point across quickly and in a way that will be captivating.

Added Materials

A few added materials can help you to make your videos even more high quality and at the same time strengthen your brand recognition.

For example, one thing that can work very well to help you get more likes and views for your videos is to create a ‘video opener’. A video opener is essentially a very short clip that goes at the beginning of each video. It will play some music, show off your logo, and mark the start of each piece. You might alternatively decide to have a short introduction at the start of each video followed by your opener.

Other materials that make a big difference are music, ‘bottom thirds’ (titles and captions that appear in the bottom third of the screen) and your logo which should be ever-present in one corner. If you can nail all these things, then your videos will look much more professional and you’ll make them more memorable at the same time.

A lot of this stuff you can make yourself or alternatively outsource to a freelancer through a site like Fiverr (, Elance ( or UpWork (

How to Make Videos Without Going in Front of the Camera

A small selection of people reading this right now will be thinking no way.

For some people, the thought of going in front of the camera is absolutely terrifying. Either that or they just don’t have the presentation skills they need in order to make something compelling.

So then, what do you do? As it happens, you can actually create some great videos for YouTube without needing to set foot in front of the camera at all!

One example is to make a slideshow. You can do this with Excel and then simply save as an MPG. You then simply record some narration over the top and you’re good to go.

Likewise, you can make tutorial videos demonstrating internet marketing, coding, web design etc. simply by using some screen capture software. Or how about filming ‘let’s plays’ of video games – some personalities such as PewDiePie have been highly successful doing this.

You can also use tools like Explaindio to create videos such as whiteboard animations and other business-like creations.

One Final Tip

Doing all this will mean treating your YouTube efforts like a ‘real’ business and seeing the success that comes from that. You’re investing the time, resources and effort that you would with any other type of business and this is how you’re seeing returns.

But another part of treating your YouTube projects like a real business is to optimize. That means cutting back overheads, creating systems, and generally streamlining the process of video creation and uploading.

For instance, having a spot set up in your home/office especially for filming can help you a great deal to save time setting up, which will lend itself to the creation of more videos. Likewise, finding a way to port your footage across automatically can also help.

Over time, you will develop habits, strategies, and tools to help your videos become more professional with less effort on your part. This might determine where you place your script and how you read from it without breaking eye contact and it might mean thinking about things that can help you with editing subsequently.

For instance, do you know why Hollywood movies use those clappers that say ‘Scene 1: Take 3’ on them etc.? It’s because this enables the editor to see what they’re working with quickly while they’re editing. They don’t have to search through the footage and keep playing it back because they can simply cut from the start of the scene they need. This way, you could film in one go even and make notes of which ‘takes’ were successful.

Clappers also, help you to sync sound and video if they have been recorded separately. That’s because the clapping sound creates a spike in the audio and that means you can simply line the two spikes up in the editor. This is a strategy you can adopt, or maybe you’ll work out different tricks to help yourself get set up more easily.

I use a piece of blue-tack against the wall, for instance, to help ensure the camera has me in the frame before I begin filming!

Chapter 2 – Building a Base

Now you’re producing some great quality videos and you’re uploading them regularly with a streamlined system. This is a very good start and will start to ensure that you gain the maximum number of subscribers based on the number of views you receive.

But there are some extra things you can do to help even more of your viewers sign up for more of your content…

Make Your Videos ‘Sticky’

One important tip is to make your videos as sticky as possible. In other words, think of your videos like Venus flytraps. Your aim is to ensure that everyone who lands there gets assimilated to become a long-term subscriber and to do this, you need to use some of the most common tricks and strategies that you’ll see a lot of other YouTubers employ.

For example: ask people to become subscribers!

Simply asking your viewers to subscribe is one of the best ways to ensure they stick around. Likewise, asking them to ‘like’ your videos will help you to gain more exposure.

Some new YouTubers feel awkward about asking for ‘help’ this way, but it’s actually pretty standard for the platform. Sometimes people will watch your videos and really enjoy them but just not think to sign up for more. Asking them to do this is a good way to remind them.

And likewise, don’t be afraid to really explain just how much it will help you if people ‘like’ your video. Point out that it took a lot of time and effort and that you’d be highly appreciative. It’s a simple strategy but it works well!

Another thing?

Of course you should feel free to make long, in-depth videos if the content demands it – but when you have the choice try to say more in less time. This works because it means your viewers will be more likely to watch your content all the way through. In turn, this means they’ll get the chance to see your request that they like or subscribe to. What’s more, is that it will improve your metrics and result in YouTube showing your videos higher in search results.

Create a Series

One way to get more subscribers is to create a series. If you create a video that’s ‘Part 1’, this will make people more likely to want to stick around for Part 2. Essentially, you’re ending on a cliff hanger and this ensures people won’t want to miss what comes next. Often that will be enough to convince someone to subscribe even if they wouldn’t have otherwise.

Some channels are pretty much entirely made of a single ‘series’. Cinema Sins, for instance, is a very popular YouTube channel that is best known for the ‘Everything Wrong With…’ series. This series simply dissects popular films and points out the flaws and plot holes. And this encourages subscriptions because a) people want to know what will be looked at next and b) people know what they can expect from future videos.

Of course your content may not lend itself naturally to a series format. In this case, you can simply make sure to talk about what’s ‘upcoming’ at the end of your videos. Discuss the most exciting content that you have yet to come and tell your audience why they really should consider signing up.

At the same time, make sure that you are being as consistent as possible with your content. That means having a consistent quality but also being consistent in topic and tone. If someone watches one video you’ve made about fitness but the next one is about computer games, they likely won’t want to stay subscribed because a lot of your content won’t be relevant to them.

Build a Community

Another way you can encourage people to keep coming back to your content and to subscribe for more is to build a community around your videos. This means engaging in discussions and being active in the comments section.

This is a good strategy because it helps your viewers to feel as though they know you. If someone asks a question and you take the time to answer politely, then how much more likely do you think they will be to click ‘like’ or to subscribe.

Likewise, it gives them a reason to keep coming back (to see if anyone has responded to their comments). What’s more, is that a lot of comments posted to YouTube will also be posted to Google+. Google+ is Google’s own social media site and by getting comments on your videos to show up here, you help your videos to spread virally through connections people have with friends, co-workers, and strangers online.

Chapter 3 – Methods to Drive Traffic

With all of that in place, you should now be building momentum for your channel and seeing your views, subscribers, comments, etc. grow. Keep putting out more content and keep being active in the comments and this will only gain more momentum with time.

But you can also inject a little more fuel to the fire by driving traffic in other ways. Here are some of the top methods used by businesses and YouTubers:

Video SEO – Rank Your Videos #1 on YouTube (Fast!)

SEO for YouTube

Remember when we said that YouTube was the second biggest search engine after Google? This is a fair comparison because, in many ways, YouTube works exactly like a search engine by allowing users to search for content and find videos that are relevant to them.

For instance, if you want to know how to use PhotoShop, then you’ll probably head to the search bar and type in ‘beginners’ guide to PhotoShop’ or something similar. You’ll then look at the thumbnails of the videos and select the ones that look the most relevant along with the titles. Again, just like Google!

Businesses trying to get to the top of Google search results will do so using something called SEO – Search Engine Optimization. And this is exactly what you’ll use on YouTube as well, only the methods you use will be slightly different due to the different platform.

Basically, you’re trying to think of what people are going to search for when they’re looking for content like yours. From there, you’ll then take that term and try to use it in your video title as well as the description. Writing lots for your descriptions is often considered a good idea.

And when picking search terms, try to think not only of what’s popular and what people are looking for but also what’s not overcrowded. Look for niches and unmet needs and with a bit of luck, lots of people will start finding you.

Also good for YouTube SEO is to fill out the details on your channel page, to link to your website and to link to other related channels.

Sharing and Linking

Obviously you should also try to post links to your videos where possible and to embed them online.

We’re going to talk more about posting to social media in a future chapter but this is one of the easiest ways to get your videos seen by more people. You can also share with communities like Reddit, as mentioned before.

Reddit ( has lots of sub-forums where people discuss a myriad of topics, share links, and vote on what should gain the most visibility. You can post here and if your videos are high quality, it can gain you a huge amount of exposure. The same is true of Google+ which has lots of smaller community pages and of course, you can also use forums.

All this works best though if you can match the content of your video with the topic of the group/page. Try to offer something that is directly relevant to that group but yet they haven’t seen countless times before.

If you have your own website, then another neat trick is simply to embed your videos there. This way, you’ll get lots of views simply from people visiting your site.

The WordPress plugin ‘YouTube Channel’ makes this particularly easy and can allow you to show the most recent video at all times in your sidebar – or even a random video each time someone reloads your page. The latter is a great way to get some more exposure from legacy videos!

And this is a good point in general: posting links to your older videos is a brilliant way to give them a new lease of life and to help your channel grow. This way you get more value from all your content and this leads to improved ROI.

Of course one of the very best things that can happen is for your video to end up embedded on a hugely popular website and blog. If this happens, then you can gain thousands – if not millions – of views overnight.

The only problem? It’s a million to one shot. Once again then, the solution is to make your own luck. Record videos that are newsworthy, exciting, funny, and worth sharing and then send them to the editors and the bloggers that you think might want to show them!

Chapter 4 – Generating Income

Now your YouTube channel is growing it’s time to start reaping the rewards for all your hard work! That’s right: it’s time to monetize your channel.

There are several ways you can do this and of course the best option will depend on the nature of your videos and your existing business models. Here are some suggestions to consider:


YouTube allows you to make money from their Partner Programme, details of which you can find here:

This will basically allow your videos to show adverts, which will generate money each time someone clicks on one or watches one all the way through to the end. This is called a ‘PPC’ (Pay Per Click) model and is one of the best ways to easily start making money from your video efforts.

The only issue is that you’ll need thousands of hits and visitors if you’re going to make any real money from your videos. This is how a lot of full-time vloggers make their living, so it can be done. Just recognize that it will take a lot of time and a lot of content before you make any real money!


Another option is to sell your own products. You can do this by promoting them in the video and then adding links in the videos or in the description (it is possible to link to your own content within your videos).

The idea here is to use something called ‘content marketing’. Not only is your content (the videos) drawing people to your channel and creating an audience for you to sell to, but it’s also helping you to gain their trust and to demonstrate your knowledge and trust. This means they’re more likely to buy from you.

You can sell any kind of product just as you would in real life but one of the most popular choices is to create a digital product like an ebook or an online course. This is how a lot of fitness YouTubers like AthleanX and SixPackShortcuts make a lot of their money. Likewise, you have the comedy/fitness channel BroScienceLife which makes money from t-shirts and supplements.

Affiliate Sales

Don’t want to create your own products or invest in inventory? Then why not sell an affiliate product. This basically means you’re going to be selling for commission and you can do this again with digital products (through sites like,, and – all of which offer up to 75% commission) or physical products using the Amazon Associates program or eBay partner program.

Amazon or eBay will net you a much smaller percentage of the profits BUT it gives you the ability to sell practically anything and at the same time to sell through a platform that your viewers will recognize and trust.

This method of monetization works especially well if you run a reviews site. Jonathan Morrison is a YouTuber who reviews technology (with video series like The Best Tech Under $50) and then has affiliate links in his description. The footage is absolutely stunning too and makes use of the Hue lighting we recommended earlier!

Subscription Content

YouTube now also offers creators the chance to charge for their content:

This way, you can create some free videos to attract people to your channel and show off what you’re doing and then convince those viewers to pay for your premium content on top of that. This works best when your video is focused on teaching something with a very clear value – such as a skill that can be useful for a particular career.

Chapter 5 – Networking

One of the most important tools that anyone can use on YouTube in order to promote themselves and reach a wider audience is to network.

Find someone who is in the same niche as you and then do a video together. This way, you can build a lot more viewers for both your channels and ‘share’ your viewers.

It’s a mistake to think of other YouTubers as being competition or as people you are working against. In reality, you should see them as co-workers and collaborators – as though you all worked in the same office together!

This can even just mean shouting out to another YouTuber and recommending their videos. If they notice people mentioning you in their comments, they might return the favor.

The secret to making this work though is not to aim for the biggest YouTuber right from the word go. Instead, try to find people who are a similar size to you – or even people who are smaller! Find ways you can work together that will be mutually beneficial and take advantage of what each of you can bring to the table in order to ensure you both come across as well as possible.

More Ways to Network

Of course the same is also true when it comes to finding bloggers who might be interested in sharing your content. Once again, try not to go straight for the biggest blogger you know but instead to look for up-and-coming talent and people at a similar level to you. This way, you can slowly climb the ladder together.

If you are having difficulty breaking into the community, there are a few things you can do that will help. One is to try and actually meet those people in person. In-person you are much harder to ignore than an email and you can make much more of a lasting impression. This is why it’s a good idea to go to networking events and seminars and generally to take every opportunity to meet other business owners.

Another tip is to use LinkedIn ( LinkedIn is social networking the platform that’s all about finding business partners.

Consider hiring people as well. If you hire someone in your niche, then they’ll be obligated to respond to you. At that point, you can begin working the charm!

Chapter 6 – Social Media

One of the most important ways to promote your YouTube channel is through social media. As you build your social media channel, you will be able to build your subscribers and you’ll find the two have a synergistic effect.

It’s important to make sure that you’re vocal on social media then and that you are regularly updating with content that is relevant to your niche and that is filled with useful tips and advice, offers, or entertainment that people will want to read. See this as an extension of your YouTube channel and make sure you’re delivering the same quality of content in the same niche, to the same audience.

Now you will regularly post your YouTube videos to your social media page, hopefully bringing them more exposure, and at the same time, you’ll talk about your social media on YouTube. This way, people who watch your videos will be more likely to add you on Twitter and Facebook and when they do, they’ll be more likely to bring you more videos by sharing your content with their networks. As you can see, it’s once again a self-sustaining cycle that can be highly effective.

Note that YouTube actually makes it very easy to share your content. Just hit the ‘Share’ button under any single video and you’ll be able to ‘Embed’, share with pretty much any social media site or send the video as an email.

You can also add your social media to your channel page, which will give people even more, ways to connect with you and follow you.

More Exposure for Videos

You can also upload your videos directly to social media and there are a couple of platforms that lend themselves to this well. Vine ( for instance lets you share very short videos to YouTube and is perfect for gaining new followers and showing off the high-quality content you’re putting out. And you can also post videos on Instagram!

Making Friends

Whether you’re posting into communities as mentioned in the previous chapters or just building your own following, a useful tip is to think of your followers and your subscribers as friends. This might sound a little trite but this is actually, a great way to get them behind you and helping you.

If you post regularly to a Reddit community for instance and get to the point where people recognize you and look forward to your posts, then they’re much more likely to read what you share when you post it there. Better yet though, they might share your content themselves because they like and respect you.

If you read the book 1,000 True Fans, then you’ll get an idea of how this can work. If you can gain just that many true supporters for your work then the results will be exponential.

Viral Content

Finally, if you want to make the very most from social media, then think about what will get shared a lot. This way, you will stand a chance of getting a video to ‘go viral’ and that can lead to millions of views overnight.

Unfortunately, this is not an exact science. All that is important is that your video is relatively short and that it be funny, surprising, shocking, or unique enough that people have to share it. Ask yourself: what content have you shared with friends in the past? What was it about those videos that made you hit the share button in the first place?

Chapter 7 – Expanding and Dominating

Now you know the basics of how to build and grow your YouTube channel. What’s left is to keep posting and keep gaining new followers.

At the same time though, you should also keep honing your craft, keep building on what’s working and keep watching to see what the other top YouTubers are doing that is working. Here are some tips that will help you to keep growing your audience and to keep gaining new viewers:

Use Tags

Use tags to help with your SEO. These should be words that relate to your videos and to what people are likely to be searching for. This will also help your videos to show up in the ‘to watch next’ list and the ‘related videos’ column.

Try YouTube Advertising

YouTube Advertising isn’t just a way for you to monetize your videos – it’s also a great way to get more exposure for your own channel. A lot of YouTubers like Tai Lopez has managed to gain thousands of followers by putting their videos at the start of other YouTube content and this can be a very powerful tool for getting seen by more people.

Watch Your Stats

YouTube provides a lot of metrics and statistics through its analytics page. Make sure you keep an eye on this and on what’s working for each of your videos. This way, you can grow your channel by doing more of what’s working well and less of what isn’t. Without feedback, you’re essentially flying blind.

Creating a Showcase Video

You can create a showcase video that will live on your Channel and tell new visitors what you’re all about. This is like an advert for all the content you create and it can be an excellent way to grab attention, to stand out and to gain new subscribers.

The Best Titles

With any content marketing, your titles matter massively. Take a look at a channel like Elliot Hulse and you’ll see that his titles often talk about things like becoming more manly, being the ‘king of everything’, or being an alpha male. These are clickbait titles that cause an emotional reaction and as such, he gains a lot more viewers than he would if he only tackled regular content.

In fact, being different and being interesting is one of the most important things you can do it in general.

VSauce is a channel that does this incredibly well. VSauce videos talk about everything from philosophy, to math to physiques but they do so in a way that everyone can relate to and that is constantly engaging and surprising. This content is so well researched, so unique and so fascinating that it was always going to be shared.


Finally, make sure that you are using the high quality of thumbnail. This is one of the few means you have to separate yourself from the competition and to stand out so it must look high quality and relevant to the topic of your video.


And there you have it: everything you need to know to get started with YouTube.

Of course there’s much more to learn, but a lot of it you are going to discover ‘on the job’. The most important thing is to start uploading videos and putting out content. As you do, you’ll refine your process, you’ll see what works, and your video quality will improve.

It can take a little time to find your rhythm, so make sure that you are making videos on a subject that you enjoy. From there, you can then go about perfecting your technique and gaining a massive, loyal set of viewers.

To start with, focus on: 

  • Creating high-quality videos 
  • Uploading as regularly as possible
  • Taking a systematic approach
  • Doing basic SEO
  • Sharing to social media
  • Building a community
  • Coming up with interesting topics and titles
  • Networking and forming partnerships

What you’ll find as you do all this as well, is that it can be highly rewarding in its own right. As soon as you add a well-made video to your homepage, your entire business will look more serious and professional and you’ll feel much more capable. The same is true for creating a vlog and becoming a minor celebrity in your niche.

The payoff here is incredible, so make sure to dive in and give it a go. 

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