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Part 13 Chapter 2 ( Bookmark this page for new updates on our Join Venture Mega Cash Team Programs)

Quick Steps to Start a Profitable Blog with JV Google BLOGGER BLOG

Now, You have read Part 13 Chapter 1: Why-join-venture-is-so-important-to-build-a-business

FREE JV Mega Cash Team program that Benefits Everyone

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It Doesn’t Matter Whether You’ve Ever Joined a Affiliate Program in the Past Or Not… Because Now You Can Join This Unique New FREE JV MEMBER “MEGA CASH TEAM Program & Be On The

From the Desk of Keng Ten, Admin of JV Mega Cash Team

In today’s society, there’s a strong demand for affordable online programs that provide members with quality advertising and newly released products that they can put to good use, as well as a way to make referral commissions quickly and easily that create a reliable, regular income.

If you’re tired of joining programs that don’t end up making you any money… then you really need to keep reading, because you won’t be disappointed with the results you can achieve with our program.

We developed this JV Mega Cash Team system to take the hard work out of promoting and building Your Team members, while making it simple and straightforward for members to make money several ways in a short period of time — with little effort.


All Can Be Done For FREE All You Need to Know is…How to COPY & PASTE to Start With…

Here Is the Steps to Follow to Achieve Your Goals.

First Goal- Steps for Free JV Blogger Recruit Member Level 1

JV Members that don’t like writing or having a blog still can do it and profit together…with the x10tv ad package…

Our NEW JV member x10tv.com Sub-Domain Start-Up Package…All You Need to Start…

You Can Link Cloak x10tv.com, JV.x10tv.com, or Your My.x10tv.com and Start Profiting…By Putting the Guides Together…All you do is get your sub-domain by using the my.x10tv.com ad credits and request to link cloak on one of x10tv.com blogs, at my.x10tv.com member assign credits area and follow the instruction on this page to create your advertising page and payment page with your FREE PayPal merchant account…And start referring to your link cloak page…Your my.x10tv.com refer link: https://my.x10tv.com/?Your-Username

Here the info for Blogger That have a Blog

First Goal is to learn the basic steps to start a Profitable Blog, just remember don’t think about how much you going to earn, you just started a new online business, and you need to build your creditability and the foundation of your online business. (You Need a Team to achieve your goals easier and You Can contact your team members in the member’s area, for Future offers you have, to work together with your team.)

To Success on anything’s you need the 3PPP = Patients, Persistence, Plans

  1. Get a Free Google Blogger Blog
  2. Join JV Mega Cash Team / To reserve Your Spot and Sub-domain
  3. Start creating and post some Reviews Content at your Google blogger Blog-spot blog
  4. Post Your Google blogger Blog-spot blog Content & RSS FEED at JV.x10tv.com / JUST UDATED August 16 2022 CHECK IT OUT
  5. Help 2 people with New FREE JV MEMBER “MEGA CASH TEAM Program, to be in your team, at MY.X10tv.com, with your referral link. (Try Out some of the Tested Refer Tools at the JV members Promotional Center)
  6. Trade your RSS FEED with Your JV Member Team Blogs
  7. Join EasyHits4u
  8. Post Comments at Blogger Blogs.
  9. Help us to maintain our advertising program by Clicking the sponsors ad and Visit 3 sponsors website, everyday to help to maintain OUR JV Members program.
  10. Do your research for up to date info in your interests to create more posts for your blog.

Second Goal Steps for Free JV Blogger Member Team Leader Level 2

  1. Now you are a team leader, you got to help your New JV team members, to achieve Level 1 Goals.
  2. Get your x10tv.com Sub-domain, to link cloak your GOOGLE blogger blog. (You Need it for Expanding your Blog in the future after you have completed level 4 Administrator and become admin team leader) “It is easier for you to expand your blogs later, with x10tv.com Sub-domain, you can use the x10tv.com Sub-domain as Your New WordPress Ad Unit PRO 5 WP BLOG or Can be Redirect to YOU OWN Domain, which will send all your followers, visitors and GUESS to your NEW WEBSITES…and all your advertiser’s renewal ads will also follow to Your New WordPress Ad Unit PRO 5 WP BLOG…and you KEEP 100% Profits” more info when you get to Free JV Blogger Administrator Partner Level.
  3. x10tv.com Sub-domain comes with your folder, which means all YOUR Advertiser ads use YOUR x10tv.com Sub-domain so that YOUR Advertiser will follow your link for ad package renewal and it also comes with FTP Account Ready for YOU on Level 3, that you can use it for your link cloak advertising program and create your advertising payment page and your advertising landing page. You can sell the reseller products, you will learn how on LEVEL 3 (That’s the time to learn how to use the link cloak software, and how to upload your files using FTP, I will show you how)
  4. Find more JV Members Blogs, to exchange your RSS FEED with.
  5. Now You should have enough content and information for your visitors, it is time to use all the easyhits4U traffics exchange credits you have, to advertise your blog, to have some traffic flow on your blog.

Third Goal Steps for Free JV Blogger Team Leader Manager Level 3

Sorry for the inconvenience, there is some request from our Guess that I can improve on our JV Blogger program and x10tv WordPress ad units PRO 5 WP BLOG…Testing and Putting the Guides Together…Should Be Done By September 25, 2022

It going to take me about a week to complete the update…This update will change everything on our JV Member program, so that even members that don’t like writing or having a blog, still can do it and profit together…Please come back on August 17 2022 for the latest info…Thank You…

  1. Now you have become Team leader Manager, and Keep helping your Team Leader out if they have a question on what to do on level 2 or how to help their level 1 downline.
  2. Time to learn how to use the link cloak software, and how to upload your files using FTP
  3. It’s time to get your Reseller Products and PLR Articles…Get Ready for expanding your blog and start earning some ad profits…on level 4…

Forth Goal Steps for Free JV Blogger Administrator Manager Member Team Leader Level 4

  1. Now you have become Administrator Manager Member Team Leader. (Which you should have a solid Team member Downline)
  2. It is time to do some viral marketing works.
  3. Apply for Google AdSense, You should have enough content on your blogger blog

More Detail Info for Level 4 on August 25 2022

Fifth Goal Steps for Free JV Blogger Administrator Partner Level

Expand your blog and still earn from your Google Blogger Blogspot.com blog.

Now you have completed level 4, in which you have learned how the blogging online business is, it is time to expand…And Partner with all your Administrator Manager Member Team Leader, for any programs you have in mind, that can help every JV Member to profit from it. (At this level, you already have 1000’s members to your connection, which means it is a lot easier to achieve any program you have)

  1. Learn how to use x10tv WordPress ad units PRO 5 WP BLOGS (And Keep 100% of Ad package Profits) “Only the First 100 that complete Level 4, Get x10tv WordPress ad units PRO 5 WP BLOG
  2. How to Keep your Google Blogger Blogspot.com blog with JV.x10tv.com, to continue earning from google AdSense, and Free Traffics to YOUR NEW BLOG or WEBSITE.
  3. Why keep your Google Blogger Blogspot.com Directories blog that you have created.
  4. Now you get to learn how to get advertiser for x10tv.com ads package

More Detail Info for Administrator Partner Level on September 25, 2022

Part 13 Chapter 3: Collection of Joint Ventures Information You Should Know About It /

Part 13 Chapter 4:

NEW Free X10tv JV Blogger Mega Cash Team Program UPDATE You Can Profits from

Part 9: Lists of Information to Help You Success in YOUR Online Business Journeys

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