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There are a few areas that need to be covered concerning cat care basics and all these issues are of primary concern when the individual is keen on keeping a pet, especially a cat.

Cat Care Basics

The following are usually some areas of concern when it comes to cat care basics:

If the new owner is not interested in feeding the pet cat processed food products, home made preparations will easily suffice. However, one should always try and avoid giving the cat table scraps as the main food source for the cat, as human food is not really complete and nutritious for the cat. The essential ingredients for cat food should be amino acid taurine and calcium which usually come in the form of a bone based meal.

Another basic cat requirement would be the litter box for its toilet facility. This should ideally be placed in a quiet area, where there is some privacy for the cat and no distractions to startle it when attempting to do its business.

As cats are naturally inclined to scratch various objects, such as furniture and curtains, it would be in the owner’s best interest to find ways to keep the pet cat from doing this very damaging act. Some people use sticky tape and tin foil on surfaces that would initially seem temping to the cat to scratch on, while others spray the area with scents, as generally cats dislike strong smells. Purchasing a scratching post is another alternative and the cat should be encouraged to use this instead of the furniture which is more often than not more tempting to the cat.

Providing the cat with an adequate amount of toys to keep it occupied will ensure it does not get into mischief when bored.

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