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Get Results and Increase Your Website Traffic

So You Want to Use Your Website to Generate Revenue

Many people who would otherwise never have dreamed of being in business for themselves have found that the web has helped them do just that. And for everyone of these cases, there is another case of someone who has started a blog and wants to generate a little side cash by selling advertising on it. If you are in either of these camps, there is some good basic advice to follow about how to get started. Selling advertising on the web is not a cake walk, but it is also achievable.

One of the great advantages of the web is that it is a highly targeted media form, so when you are looking to sell space, and you have a site that appeals to a sought after niche, you have a great advantage. Advertisers will pay a premium for those site that offer access to some of these narrow niches. However, this is not to say that overall traffic levels are not important, they are, but it is encouraging to know that having a smaller following amongst a prize group of potential buyers is also attractive to ad buyers.

Still, selling ad space does require some planning and success will be easier to attention by following some simple steps. For those just starting out, take a look at the idea of joining a banner ad network. Banner ad networks undertake the work of attracting advertisers. After the ads are brokered, banner ad networks then take on the role of monitoring the success of the ads in addition to helping you find the right placement of ads on your site.

You can also consider selling the any space on your own, and many people who have sights that are sufficiently trafficked do just this. Advertisers are in the driver’s seat when it comes to calling the shots because there are fewer of them than there are of web sites. So, you will need to present your traffic numbers as well as any information on marketing or other steps you are taking to keep traffic to your site robust. You can use your size to your advantage if you are willing to be flexible on price. Brand name advertisers might be enticed to your site if they can get a better rate, so even if you have to reduce rates a little to do so, getting the bigger advertisers will help to convince other advertisers of the value of your site.

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