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Who is Christ?

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  1. Christ Consciousness Basics
  2. The History Of Christ Consciousness
  3. Understanding Oneness
  4. Using Prayer For Christ Consciousness
  5. Using Meditation For Christ Consciousness
  6. Using Manifestation For Christ Consciousness
  7. Using Love For Christ Consciousness
  8. Tools Used In Christ Consciousness
  9. Variations Per Region
  10. What The Critics And Proponents Have To Say


Who is Christ? What is Christ Consciousness? These questions are always in the mind of those people who want to enter the world of spirituality. Jesus Christ is considered the historic figure that is known to the aspects of Christianity religion. Christ is an English term of Khritos, a Greek word that means the anointed one. In Hebrew, it is known as the Messiah. Christ Consciousness or Christ doesn’t belong to any particular religious orientation or sect. It is because Christ Consciousness may be defined as the state of consciousness. Through this, universal awareness is being transformed into higher consciousness. Get all the info you need here.

Christ Consciousness Basics

What is Christ Consciousness?

Christ Consciousness is the term for the state of being in which the soul is transformed and awakened to the Highest Consciousness, which is a human being may achieve on Earth.

But, before having the state of mind, awakening and transformation is a long process. The key to transform is to learn and grow by being aware or by keeping in mind awareness. Awareness begins in an inspired mind that is always open for new wisdom and knowledge.

Christ Consciousness does not have any relation to the personality of Jesus Christ. As mentioned earlier, it is a state of mind, connecting with the highest power, and understanding omnipresent and universal force does exist everywhere.

The Basics

How Christ Consciousness Linked to Religious Beliefs?

The term Christ Consciousness does not necessarily affiliate with various religious beliefs. It was only called Christ Consciousness because of the spiritual elevation of Jesus Christ while He was still alive. Anyone can be Christ Conscious if they are willing to know about the concept of it.

The Majority of religious masters have already walked the path of light, love, harmony, bliss, and peace, which is generally followed by a suffering period. As a result, they become enlightened after their journey. This is not new or different in any religion. In fact, it is a common concept in several belief groups. All people can be enlightened and awakened if they will open their minds to the possibilities. That is why Christ Consciousness was born.

How People Can Become Christ Conscious?

All people are born with consciousness. It flows into a human being, and if there is a will, it can be developed and achieved by anyone. The only key to keep in mind is by looking for the spiritual way. Whether you consider the assistance of mentors or any religious beliefs, the main goal is for you to become more compassionate, loving, patient, understanding, tolerant, content, forgiving, and following a new path of conscious thinking.

Spiritual growth is achieved by aligning with inner feelings and thoughts. One must be aware and understand that he or she is a unique creation. The people’s mind acknowledges Divine Mind, which awakens Christ Consciousness to be more enlightened.

What Difficulties or Hindrances You May Face?

Many people encounter conflicts during the process of awakening. Conflicts or issues are normal as your mind is just starting to adjust in a new way of thinking.

The mind of every human being was conditioned from birth in order for people to think in a logical way and rational way. It was also conditioned to look at the commercial value. The spirit of the human being is not considered as a material. In order for you to understand the meaning of spirit, you must clear your mind of everything. This may be difficult to start with, but this can be the key to be successful when becoming a Christ Conscious.

Are There Ways to Overcome Hindrances to Become Christ Conscious?

Meditation is one of the tools that can help anyone for removing thoughts that are based on the way of thinking these modern days and forgetting peace of mind. Through this, inner reflection will take place. Meditation can also be the best way of becoming one with the universal spirit and forces of nature. It also helps people receive inspiration and energy.

What People Feel When They Become Christ Conscious

The Majority of people who become Christ Conscious is seen with full of joy. Being awaken and Christ Conscious can be a fulfilling and joyful experience. Confidence grows and fear ends. People make their own destiny and become one of the persons with higher vibrations.

The History of Christ Consciousness

The teaching or message of Christ Consciousness existed a very long time ago. The very 1st civilization on the planet Earth to know and nurture Christ Consciousness is the Lemurians. They are the people who once lived in the Pacific Ocean’s lost continent.

History of Christ Consciousness Unveiled

It was in that city of Lemurians in which Goddesses, with the help of celestial Arcturian contacts, served as the guides of the human race. Then, after the appearance of Atlantis, Akanaton, Isis, Hermes, and Ra Ta was born and called as the Light’s new messengers.

These people used sacred teachings and powerful temples to kick off new masters into the so-called “The Children of the Law of One. The main goal of these messengers is to anchor God’s Light into the grids of Earth as well as into the consciousness of the inhabitants on Earth.

This dedication and tradition morphed into the Israelites message and carried those teachings in the ancient mystics, Essenes, and Gnostics. Essenes are the known author of the scrolls of Dead Sea and taught everyone about the souls of John the Baptist, Jesus, and Mother Mary.

Thousand years ago, it was made clear to everyone that a person must be born in accordance with Christ’s embodiment. The said person was the known Jesus of Nazareth. Jesus does not only live a life with Christ Consciousness but also he initiated Mary Magdalene and his apostles to master the level. Upon the crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus, the teachings of Christ were transmitted to Early Christians. These are the persons who embraced Jesus’ teachings and dedicate their selves in carrying the message of Jesus.

Due to the sacredness, acceptability, and power of those teachings, they kept most in underground areas and disseminate the teachings to the highest initiates. But, as a part of Divine Plan, teachings that are meant to awaken the humanity have also brought through nice and loving actions and words like healing and teaching.

Later, after the ascension of Jesus, His teachings or the transmissions of the Christ Consciousness were taken to the South part of France by the known Mary Magdalene together with her brother and sister – Lazarus and Martha. Mother Mary also brought teachings to Glastonbury or England with the help of Joseph. The teachings gave birth to Arthurian Knights. Their job is to nurture and protect the teachings of Christ and other sacred relics that are related to Jesus like spear and chalice.

From there, the Light of Christ was kept aflame by Rosicrucians, which is a secret organization that later became invisible. Hundred years later, Christ Light’s message was passed to Southern France’s Cathars and to the Knights Templar. Soon, the Christ teachings went deeper underground and didn’t surface for about hundreds of years.

But, through Edgar Cayce’s teachings, the frequency of Christ came back to the world again. Currently, the Christ Light is under the process of rediscovery. Because of this, many people are considering the path of Christ Consciousness.

Understanding Oneness

According to Eckhart Tolle, one may feel his own timeless and formless reality. He may also feel the same life that lies deep within other people, which will lead him to look beyond the concept of separation and form. Due to this, one realizes oneness and experience love.

Oneness Defined

Beyond the other thoughts about yourself, beyond those ideas or concepts that shape your personality, there exist who you really are. It is defined as the oneness of a person. The timeless and formless reality is in the soul of every creature or every human being. But, how will you know if it is really oneness? When your mind is still, you will feel a certain energy that moves through you. This realization is called the source energy’s awareness. But, not all people are aware of it.

Generally speaking, the reason why some people are not aware of it is that they tend to concentrate solely on the mind. Due to this, this blocks the awareness of person on the existence of their being. Thus, when you start to focus only on your thoughts, you reduce your ability to function properly. If you want to see your whole being and your path, you need awareness that will be able to transcend you the delimitations of your repetitive thinking.

Relative Self

The thoughts that you often identify makes the relative self, which only comes to understand and know itself through judgment and comparison with some things and people. This is also used as the basis of one’s duality. Everyone is differentiated through their talents, specific strengths and weaknesses, and unique physical characteristics. However, when you identify relative existence, you will only get conflicts in the long run.

Because of the different things that one’s mind is focusing on, many people tend to lose sight of the timeless and formless reality, which holds life altogether. If you have successfully filtered awareness solely with the concepts and abstractions of your mind, you will be able to set a connection with your life. You have to take note that life is life. It is not a form of abstraction. Therefore, the sense of oneness is the same as the nature.

The Restless Mind

The restless mind together with the constant analysis, judgment, and comparison keeps your focus on the relative world. That is the human suffering’s core because when isolating yourself, you seek for salvation through judging yourself as the superior to another person. There are also cases that some people mask their inferiority, which is the result of self-damaging and addictive behavior. But, this does not mean that you won’t undergo the process of transformation because, in order for you to achieve enlightenment, you need self-forgiveness.

How to Achieve Oneness?

There are various things that you can do to achieve oneness. Some of these things include meditation, manifestation, prayer, living with peace and love, maintaining a healthy body, mind, and soul. All these things are important and they are required especially for those who want to achieve results. Through these things, you will be able to understand more about oneness and you can become a Christ Conscious person in no time.

Using Prayer For Christ Consciousness

Prayers are like fuel for Christians and anyone who believes in it. Without these, one can’t make any progress in his journey to Christianity. That is the reason why prayers are vital to Christ Consciousness. So, how can you use prayers for Christ Consciousness? Do you need to make your own prayer just to become a Christ Conscious?

What is Praying?

Praying is essentially the time when people spend being aware of the presence of God. It is also a way to know and love God more every time. Ideally, the purpose of prayer is to establish a connection with God. If you can see praying as a priority and responsibility like you do when you’re working your daily activities, then you will be on your way to Christ Consciousness in no time. With this, becoming a Christ Conscious will not be difficult as others think.

Best Time to Pray

There is no best or perfect time when praying. You can pray at any time of the day. However, although you can pray any time, there are things that you need to keep in mind when becoming a Christ Conscious person. One of those things is awakening. You should praise God for providing care and for teaching and showing you His will and grace. Thanking God is also essential when praying. Another thing that you need to keep in mind when praying is to confess your sins and failures. Asking for forgiveness from Him is the next thing you need to consider.

Importance of Prayers in Christ Consciousness

Prayers can be odd for some people. They think that they don’t need prayers just to be Christ Conscious as you already have knowledge about Christ and what He has taught everyone especially when it comes to faith and spreading love. Although it is given that almost everyone has already a depth understanding about Christ and His teachings, prayers can still make a huge difference as it can be the way to avoid any conflicts or issues that you may have encountered when becoming a Christ Conscious. You have to take note that being a Christ Conscious can take a long process. So, this just means that you need the most powerful tool to overcome all your difficulties and this is through prayers.

Prayers are considered as an exceptional reality that can transform or change one’s life. The inventor of prayers is God. It is not just something that was invested by any religious fanatics. It is not even a fantasy, a pipe dream or the weak’s crutch. Prayers are a rock-solid reality in which God provided to people in order for them to communicate to Him. Every book in the Bible has a prayer.

The Bible commands everyone to pray. Every word of God is stuffed with the commands to pray. Unlike what other people thought, it forms a foundational element of the life of the believer. Without prayers, it may result in confusion, lack of peacefulness, anger or even a sin. If anyone is questioning the essence of prayers, then think about the significance of why Jesus Christ placed upon prayers. In the gospels, it is repeatedly mentioned that Jesus goes to a private place to pray. He also spent the entire night praying and encourage His disciples to pray.

Prayer is a Necessity for Christ Consciousness

Prayers are vital because everyone needs it especially if you are aiming to become a Christ Conscious. They have the power and ability to change you. No matter what you ask for, your prayers can help you to get answers from God. When praying, you’re asking God for help. Prayers also give you the means to praise God, thank God, and worship God. Beyond those, prayers can be the only means of talking to God. These are also words to God.

Humanity Requires Prayers

Prayers are essential because humanity needs it. Prayers are not just for yourself. You must also pray for other people. Although others pray every day, they also need prayers from other people. The homeless ones need prayers for their shelter. Those people who are starving also need your prayers for food. Sick people also need prayers for them to heal. For peacefulness, the struggling ones need your prayers. Prayer can have the power to change the world. That is why it is important.

Using Meditation For Christ Consciousness

Many experts said that the key to becoming a Christ Conscious is to undergo meditation. Although there are various kinds of meditations in today’s world, it does not mean that all will work for Christ Consciousness. The process of meditation for Christ Consciousness is not easy. It can be difficult as it actually depends on one’s personality and approach to being conscious of the presence of Christ. Depending on the dedication and will of a person, meditation can be done successfully for Christ Consciousness.

What are the Best Meditation Practices for Christ Consciousness?

There are various meditation practices that can be considered when entering the road of Christ Consciousness. Those people who practice meditation daily are said to reach the high level of spirituality.

In numerous traditional religions, meditation revolves around enlightenment. It’s the same thing when it comes to Christ Consciousness, but it includes awareness, perception, and realization in order for you to achieve the highest level of consciousness.

Each meditation has its own orientation. If you have already done meditations in the past, you will not find meditation hard because you will be able to adjust easily. Meditation can be done daily or several days a week.

Depending on your schedule, you can meditate during your free schedule. But, what is the best meditation practice?

There is no best meditation practice. The reason behind it is that not all people have the same preferences. What works for others may not work for you.

That is the reason why you need to choose the meditation techniques or practices that will perfectly match your preferences. If you still don’t know which are best for you, you can always consider asking some recommendations from someone who has already considered it.

Why Use Meditation for Christ Consciousness?

Meditation is one of the best tools for Christ Consciousness. There are many reasons why you should use meditation for Christ Consciousness. One of the main reasons is that this can help you enhance your whole being by experiencing inner peace.

When meditating, you are focusing on and doing movements that help you enhance your mindset. It also gives you the power to concentrate on your goals without getting disturbed or confused by anything.

Meditation is a practice that is suitable for anyone. Another reason why meditation is needed for Christ Consciousness is that it will not give you reasons to quit just because you have encountered difficulties.

It levels up your confidence and self-esteem. Once you have done meditation successfully, it can give you a fulfilling experience, which will provide you the key to access the road to Christ Consciousness.

Benefits of Meditation for Christ Consciousness

There are various benefits that you can experience from using meditation for Christ Consciousness and these include the following:

  • It allows you to access the road to enlightenment easily.
  • Provides confidence
  • Improve your inner self and lets you be aware of the things you need to keep in mind when becoming a Christ Conscious.
  • Easy to do and will not consume too much time.
  • Help you to do the steps of perception and realization.

There are several benefits that you can enjoy. But, make sure that your chosen meditation practice for Christ Consciousness will suit your preferences as it can make a huge difference.

Using Manifestation For Christ Consciousness

Not all people believe in God. It is because they believe in the saying “To see is to believe.” Well, this saying may be applicable to other things, but when you talk about God, you don’t need to see His physical form just for you to believe. The reason behind it is that His presence is enough for you to believe in Him. That is also the reason why manifestation is used for Christ Consciousness.

Manifestation means the act or process of being manifested. It is also the sign that something is real and exists in reality. So, how is it connected with Christ Consciousness?

Manifestation is connected to Christ Consciousness as this is an important element to be conscious about the presence or existence of God. Without this, you will not live peacefully as you will always be surrounded by confusion and distractions, which are not advisable most particularly if you really want to be Christ Conscious. That is why manifestation is important.

Why Use Manifestation for Christ Consciousness?

There are many reasons why you need to use manifestation for Christ Consciousness. One of these reasons is that it can help you improve your faith. Manifestation will guide you throughout the process and will not fail you in boosting your faith. Once you have faith, you will not be distracted and you will be able to concentrate on what you really want to aim to become Christ Conscious.

Another reason why manifestation is essential is that this can help you to stay on the right track. The concept of Christ Consciousness is not difficult to understand. But, since not all people grew up with the same religious beliefs, confusions and conflicts will always be there. However, with manifestation, you will not worry about anything and you will be able to become Christ Conscious without facing any challenges that may trigger you to quit.

There are other reasons that you need to keep in mind. But, this may depend on one’s approach or perspective on Christ Consciousness. That is the reason why manifestation may come handy.

Using Love For Christ Consciousness

“Three things will last forever—faith, hope, and love—and the greatest of these is love.”—1 Corinthians 13:13

Many asked about the importance of love and why it is needed in this world. There are numerous answers that may suit your questions about love. But, understand that no matter what perfectly suits your questions, you need to always take note that each and everyone has different perspectives about what they see in the world and in life.

Love Defined

Love is what matters in this world. Without love, one will never consider forgetting and forgive what others have done to him. Lack of love can also be the reason why there are various negative emotions that people should not consider especially if they want to be Christ Conscious.

One of the apostles of Jesus Christ once asked if which is better among love, faith or hope. If you will analyze the question and think about the right answer to the question, you might answer all of them. Well, it is acceptable. But, depending on what you understand and what you have learned in life, what makes love? And, how people learned about loving others?

The teachings of God revolve around love, faith, and prayer. Each of the mentioned things is important to everyone. But, if you will analyze everything, love makes everything. For instance, you help the needy because you care about them and you want to show your love to them. Jesus Christ even sacrificed His life just to save people from their sins. He did that because of one reason. He loves every human being and He wants everyone to change and be awakened.

Christ Consciousness can be your best move to pay back on what God has done to your life. If you will not be Christ Conscious, you will not understand your purpose in this world. So, love others. Love yourself. Love God because He is your savior.

Tools Used in Christ Consciousness

Being a Christ Conscious person is not an easy job. It takes a long process to get to the road of Christ Consciousness most particularly if you have grown up with different religious beliefs. But, fortunately, there are tools that you can use in Christ Consciousness. These tools will be the things that will guide and help you achieve your goals to become Christ Conscious.

Tools Unleashed

Actually, there are a lot of tools that you can use in Christ Consciousness. Any tool can work for everyone. But, sometimes, it depends on one’s preferences and perspective in life. Here are the tools that you can make use of:

– Prayer– Prayer is the most vital tool that you need to consider no matter what. With prayers, you will get the answers that you need. Your questions will be answered. Your problems will be solved as prayers also mean asking the help of God. Since it is also a means of communication to God, prayers can help you while you are on the process of becoming Christ Conscious. You won’t experience difficulties as prayers can be the best tool that you can use to fight against the things that distract you.

– Meditation– Many people have already considered meditations in Christ Consciousness. This tool is an ideal one especially for those who want to experience enlightenment in a peaceful place. If you don’t have the time to read books about religion, meditation can be a great alternative.

– Manifestation– If you believe that God is present in you, you won’t experience any issues or conflicts. You won’t also be distracted about your confusion as you believe in manifestation of God. With this, you will become Christ Conscious in no time.

– Love– As mentioned in the previous chapters, without love, you won’t achieve your goals in Christ Consciousness. Love is the most powerful tool that anyone can use. Without this, you can’t become a Christ Conscious person. That is the reason why you need to empower love as this can help you in the long run.

– Faith– Not all believers have faith. Some even forget about faith because they think it is useless and does not make sense. To become Christ Conscious, one of the best tools that you should never ignore is faith. Your faith can also serve as your fuel like a prayer. Without considering faith, you will not achieve success in Christ Consciousness as your mind will be filled with distractions and confusion, which may hinder you to know about oneness and enlightenment. Therefore, it is important to have faith as this can be a huge help for you to be a Christ Conscious.

– Religious Books and Resources– If you don’t want to consider reading the Bible, there are other resources that you can consider and these include religious books. Although religious books are authored by other people, it does not mean that you won’t get what you need in order for you to stay on the track that will lead you to Christ Consciousness. These books can also give you essential details and can provide you a depth understanding of what Christ Consciousness is all about and how it can help you to improve your whole being and be enlightened.

– Bible– If you want to know more about Christ and His teachings, the Bible is the best and highly recommended tool that you can use. With the Bible, you will not just be aware of His teachings, but also you will be able to learn the things that you must keep in mind to be Christ Conscious. The Bible has everything you need. Whether you want to know about the life of Jesus Christ or how He was anointed, you will get your needed information. However, when reading the Bible, don’t consider it as a novel or an ordinary book because it is different and it is a Holy book that one must take care of. If it is your first time reading the Bible, the best way to start is to pray. There are cases that some people don’t understand the teachings of Jesus Christ because they don’t read with sincerity. If you want to read and understand effectively, it is best to seek a place where you can focus and have peace of mind.

What Is The Best Tool for You?

Anyone has the freedom to choose one among the different tools in Christ Consciousness. No matter what you want to aim, you can consider any of the tools mentioned. However, make sure that your chosen tool does fit your needs and you will be comfortable working with it. Since each and everyone has their own preferences, any tool can be ideal. So, there is nothing to worry about as your chosen tool can always lead you to the world of Christ Consciousness effectively.

Variations Per Region

In ancient times, before Jesus Christ was born in Nazareth, Christ Consciousness has different names. That is the reason why people have various beliefs when it comes to religion. But, no matter what you believe in, understanding the real concept of Christ Consciousness is the best key for you to be transformed and enlightened.

The Difference of Christ Consciousness in Various Parts of the World

Christ Consciousness is referred to as the Higher Consciousness, which is also equivalent to other religious traditions in various countries. In Buddhism, Christ Consciousness is called Nirvana. It undergoes the same process of Christ Consciousness. But, their God is different as they consider Buddha as their God.

Muslims, on the other hand, believe in Allah, who serves as their God. There are different religions in the world that believe in God. At present, there are various forms of Christianity. But, each firm believes in Christ Consciousness. The only thing that’s different is that they have different approaches and perspectives. They also have different beliefs when it comes to the presence of God and His teachings.

No matter how varied Christ Consciousness in various regions. One must take note that being Christ Conscious does not have to do with being Christian or Muslim. But, although they have various orientations about religion, you can’t blame anyone who objects on one’s beliefs. What’s important in becoming Christ Conscious is your faith and love for Christ. With this, you will be awakened or enlightened at the soonest date.

Conclusion What The Critics and Proponents Have to Say

“I am the gate; whoever enters through me will be saved.” ~John 10:9

The process of becoming Christ Conscious is not easy and may take time especially if a person does not take it seriously or commit to it. However, the rewards of being Christ Conscious are countless. By becoming a Christ Conscious, one will be able to learn and understand their purpose in this world.

Aside from that, they will be enlightened and transformed into a better way. For that reason, Christ Consciousness is important to anyone most particularly for those who want to know more about oneness and being awakened.

Being aware of Christ Consciousness is expected to every person. But, only a few pursue to empower their faith, love, and purpose in life. That is why there are some people who don’t enjoy the essence of life as they don’t have any idea on what to do and how to adapt the ways on how to become Christ Conscious.

Conflicts, issues or problems are normal during the first stage of being Christ Conscious as your mind is at the stage of adjusting. Many people choose to give up once they encounter such hindrances. But, what they don’t know is that those things serve as a challenge for them to strive and reconnect with the higher consciousness.

There are no age limitations or qualifications to become a Christ Conscious. Anyone can take the path of Christ Consciousness. All you need is the will, love, faith, dedication, and commitment. Through these things, you will be able to find the path of Divine successfully while being enlightened by the Higher consciousness.

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